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KOWE’s Favorite Things – 2021 Edition

2021 was a whirlwind, to say the least! The wedding season started as one big question mark and turned into Team KOWE doing over 40 weddings! Along the way, we discovered some amazing things that make our lives easier, calmer, more productive, or simply bring us joy.

We hope you’re able to celebrate the season with your friends and family. After what seems like a whirlwind year for everyone, it’s time to relax and enjoy time with loved ones. Happy holidays from Katie, Casey, Nate and everyone at Katie O Weddings and Events!

These are a few of our favorite things…

Katie’s Favorites

1. Kid Bath Bombs: 

Bath bombs are THE best part of tubby time for my kiddos.  We love these and the toy surprise is always a big hit!

2. Feelin Rosy Lip Balm from Morphe 

I am a self-proclaimed lip balm addict and always have one in my pocket, at my desk, next to my bed, in my bag…you get it!  I found this tinted lip balm at Ulta and it is the perfect tint and makes my lips feel so smooth! Under $10 too!!

3. Graceful Bag from Louis Vuitton 

Grateful for this “Graceful” bag that my husband surprised me with as a “souvenir” from his recent trip to Paris.  Yes, he picked it out based on the name!

4. Marco Polo App

This is my favorite app to stay connected with my friends and family!  If you haven’t seen it or tried it out— it allows you to record little video messages that don’t “disappear” so it is easier to have a virtual conversation.  I love my “cousin love” group where I can keep in touch with my “sister cousins” all over the country!  We actually were exposed to this app by a former KOWE bride, who planned almost all of her wedding via Marco Polo chats!

5. Ted Lasso Shop Forward Sweatshirt: 

I am a HUGE fan of both Ted Lasso and The Shop Forward so when this collaboration happened I was first in line to snag a “Believe” sweatshirt.  Based on this past year and looking forward to 2022, I truly BELIEVE we can handle and face anything that comes our way.

6. CBD Spray

I was influenced by an Instagram ad and feel so grateful, especially for the nighttime spray when I can’t fall asleep because I have details for over 40 weddings spinning through my head, need to be present as a wife and mom and still get rest!

Casey’s Favorites

7. Scrunchies

Thanks to Katie for shining a light on these hair game-changers. I love these scrunchies mainly for the gym but use them all the time! 

8. Water Bottle

I am the WORST at staying hydrated. This bottle with the time markers and straw helps me stay *somewhat* more hydrated. Makes a great gift! 

9. Beach Bag with Lock

I Went on a beach vacation with my mom and we were able to lock this on our chairs/palapa so we both could go in the water together with our belongings safely put away!

10. Bark Box

I’m a dog mom that loves to spoil her pup! These boxes are so clever and cheeky and Remy loves the toys and treats.

11. Every Plate

It’s always 4:00 pm when I realize we have no plans for dinner. Nothing in the fridge or pantry so I end up spending $20 or more on takeout or having cereal for the fourth time that week. I am so grateful for Every Plate for taking that stress off of my plate (pun intended). The plans are so inexpensive, meals are super easy and quick to make and they are always delicious. 

Nate’s Favorite Things

12. Marco Polo

I didn’t realize how much I like this app until my travel started up again. It helped me to feel like I missed less of my family’s activities while I was away.

13. George T. Stagg Kentucky Bourbon

It was a gift from a dear friend to either toast the winner of the 2020 election or drown my sorrows…continued drinking it into 2021 in celebration!  

14. Fratelli Coli

Very cool Italian ovenware. I’ve had a couple of small pieces in the past but recently purchased a large covered soup pot and matching bowls. I am planning on making a pumpkin Rissetto in it for Thanksgiving.

15. Jamon Iberico

This is a Spanish ham similar to Italian prosciutto. However, the free-range pigs feed on acorns which balance out the saltiness of the curing process. When I was in Madrid last month, there was a little shop next to my hotel that only sold Jamon Iberico sandwiches. It was the perfect “after work” snack!

16. Pocket organizer by Louis Vuitton

This is my splurge item for 2021.  I don’t like carrying a wallet but that’s impractical…for years, I’ve used a simple leather business card/ID holder. I’d jam all my credit cards on one side and my ID and business cards on the other…I’d need to take everything out to find the card I was looking for…in comes the LV pocket organizer. It’s sized like the cardholder and is extremely thin for a wallet but it has 9 individual slots for cards, ID, and more to keep me organized! No more fumbling through all the cards! 

KOWE’s Favorite Things – 2020 Edition

‘Tis the season for holiday gift guides and finding the perfect presents for friends and family! To celebrate the season, we’ve gathered all of our favorite things to share with the KOWE Crew. From fuzzy slippers and nail polish to gifts for children, we think we’ve got some great options for everyone on your list.

And don’t miss Mr. Katie O’s picks including some awesome luggage and a kitchen gadget that’s on everyone’s list this year.

These are a few of our favorite things…

Favorite Things 2020

Katie’s Favorites

1. Vionic

As an event planner who has tried every single pair of shoes imaginable to comfortably make it through 12+ hours on her feet these answered all my prayers. I started out wearing them for wedding day only flats but then they expanded their product line and have some adorable boots, heels and wedges!  They are the most comfortable and supportive shoes out there, trust me I have tried them all.

2. Able Bag

I have a small (ok a big) problem with having “too many” bags.  I have my “big bag”, my “on the run bag”, my “going out bag”, etc….  I finally realized I needed an intervention and had to commit to ONE bag for everything.  I was so excited when I saw this amazing company Able partnered with a favorite not for profit run by Lauren Atkins (wife of Thomas Rhett for all my ‘country girls’) and created a super cool bag that can literally “do it all!”

3. Cuddle + Kind

This is our “go-to” gift for new families and we truly love it’s mission and the adorable, cuddly creatures they design!  Grace loves her  Chloe (“Chlo-Chlo”)  and Charlies loves his (Benedict) “Benny” bunny.

4. Raventos i Blanc de Nit Rose Sparkling Rosé

I had to share my favorite sparkly beverage of course!  I tasted this for the first time at dp in downtown Albany and I was hooked.  It is light, crisp, not too sweet and easy to drink.  I will toast with anyone, anytime with this bubbly!

5. Essie Gel Polish

I have not had a manicure in a salon in almost over a year!  I was a loyal gel manicure customer until quarantine times hit.  I was gifted this set and fell in love.  It is easy, quick and lasts almost a week.

6. Amazon Slippers (A fave of Katie and Casey!)

These have been a major bridesmaid gift trend the last couple of years as a “getting ready” gift so of course we had to get ourselves them! They keep your feet comfy and cool at the same time. A serious winner.

Casey’s Favorites

7. Pawz

As a new dog mom/ dog lover I love wearing cute t-shirts and sweatshirts that support  both awareness and money to help save these dogs’ lives, and find them loving homes. 

8. Old Navy Joggers

The perfect sweatpant for lounging, errands or brunch!

9. Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance 

I have very dry skin but this face moisturizer makes my face feel like an oasis in the middle of the desert. I HATE spending a lot of money on anything really (haha) but this is the one beauty product I splurge on. 

10. Shop Forward

Buying gifts that are also helping a good cause is a win-win in my book. The shop forward has so many unique products that each raise money for a cause. The cause changes depending on where the need is (natural disasters relief funds, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and many many more).

My favorite items from their website would be the 4 Things Tote, Cool Mom/Dad apparel and anything Pimpin Joy! 

11. Sephora Perfume Sampler

I have always wanted a “signature scent”. One that I can spray on everyday that makes me feel a little fancy and special. This perfume sampler was AWESOME. I was able to “try on” 13 different scents multiple times to really finalize MY signature scent. This is a great gift for any lady in your life (or gent- they have a cologne sampler as well).

Nate’s Favorites

12. Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer 8 Quart

This Instant Pot has both the traditional lid for pressure cooking and slow cooking but it also has the air fryer lid. One pot, two lids.  The 8 quart capacity is great for cooks who like to make enough to eat now and freeze some for later. I am using it 3-4 night a week to cook dinner.  It’s easy to use, with touch button controls and safety features that traditional pressure cookers don’t have. No worries about explosions, the lid is locked down until all the pressure is released.  I am using it for everything from chili to pot roast to beef, veal and pork ragu.  Taco Tuesday is a breeze, I just add meet, beans, diced peppers and onions, and sauce to the pot; lock on the lid and 10 minutes later it’s all ready with no mess.  Crispy chicken tenders without breading?  Yep, the fryer lid can help with that in 12 minutes. I guarantee, the Duo will stay on your counter all winter long. 

13. Maldon Salt by the Bucket!

The distinctive shape and taste of the soft crunchy sea salt flakes make any dish look and taste like it came from a professional chef. The oversized flakes standout on that perfectly grilled steak or on top of freshly sliced tomato and cucumber salad.  Forget getting wimpy  1.9 oz bottle or 8.5 oz box. . .go for the 3.1 pound bucket on Amazon!  You’ll be happy you did! 

14. Wyze Cameras, Sensors, Light Bulbs, and Plugs.

These are effective, user friendly, inexpensive products that work with Amazon Alexa.  The cameras are good for general home security as they send a notification to your phone if there is motion or sound near them.  They make an effective baby monitor too.  The sensors can detect when doors and  windows opened or closed. They can be programmed to send an alert if a door or window is left open for a specified amount of time.  The light bulbs work with Alexa. If you’re trying to make your home smart a few bulbs and plugs are a must.  We can control lights around the house using Alexa but they can also be programed to turn on and off at specified times.  The plug is useful to power up items that are  not easily accessible.  I have a fan in my office on a Wyze plug that is connected to Alexa I can easily turn on and off as the room changes temperature. I’ve pre-ordered the new Wyze Doorbell due to arrive in January!

15. Away Luggage 

Away Luggage is the best I’ve owned. . . and as a serious traveler, I’ve had a lot of luggage over the years!  There are four base sizes to choose from plus each size also has an “expandable” option. There is a size perfect for every type of traveler: The Carry-On, The Bigger Carry-On, The Medium, and The Large.   I opted for the Aluminum Edition Set for its ruggedness and classic aesthetics. . .they are like a piece of art not to be stored away in the attic!  I particularly like the design because I can often pack all my clothes on one side and any work related materials on the other I didn’t ship in advance.  I am looking forward to traveling again so I can pack these beauties up again! 

Love Story Bridal, Troy, NY


A few years ago downtown Albany was permanently changed for the better with the arrival of Angela’s Bridal. I remember seeing the space for the first time and was completely enamored with their vision and execution of the new space. You may remember that I found my wedding dress there back in 2013!


Fast forward to now, Janet Cooper and her amazing team have come up with a brilliant idea that will, once again, change the bridal landscape of the Capital Region.  I have so many brides contact me looking for new locations and affordable options for finding their wedding gown and I am so excited for this new boutique.

Introducing, A Love Story…located in the heart of downtown Troy, A Love Story is a bridal consignment boutique that has gently worn dresses that are no more than three years old. Most of the dresses are samples or are from cancelled weddings and have never been worn for an actual event.


A Love Story also felt there was a unique opportunity for emerging designers to connect with brides looking for a modern or non-traditional aesthetic and offers special order and made-to-order dresses.

I’m really excited about A Love Story because everything in the store is priced around or under $2,500! For brides who are looking for a deal on a designer gown, A Love Story should be on their short list.

If you’re about to embark on your dress hunt, take some time and check out A Love Story located at 188 River St in downtown Troy (not far from KOWE headquarters)–they opened their doors this week! Congratulations and welcome to the neighborhood!  Be sure to follow them on Instagram too- click here!

Keep sparkling–


Trend Alert: Two-Piece Wedding Dress
We are very excited to kick off our “guest blogger” series today with one of our favorite local professionals and #girlboss, Randi Poillon of Styled by Randi.
Randi is the Capital Region’s most sought after personal stylist and we are thrilled to have her share her thoughts on the “two-piece” wedding dress trend that we are seeing a lot of lately.  For more information on Randi’s amazing services check her out on Instagram at @styledbyrandi.   Also click here for a great article highlighting her services from the Times Union.
Randi says: 

I have been asked my opinion on the two-piece wedding dress a lot lately. Being a lover of all things fashion and new trends, I must admit I am a huge -fan! Okay I know what you’re thinking, a two-piece wedding dress?? Of course there are some options out there that I can’t stand behind, I don’t think anyone should be baring their midriff of their wedding day, but when done properly, the two-piece offers a whole new world of possibilities to the unconventional bride looking for a unique twist, and basically allows for a customizable dress at a standard retail price. The possibilities are endless with offerings in any skirt length and volume, and top options are just as vast.

The added bonus?? Post wedding, switch it up and pair the pieces with other items in your wardrobe and get more bang for your buck! Why not throw on the top with a pair of skinny jeans and pair of heels and hit the town with your new hubby, you just can’t beat it!! I know the two piece dress won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but for all of you non traditional brides I urge you to give it some consideration. I think it’s a trend we will be seeing a lot more of in the near future.

Check out some photos of two piece dresses we love including this stunner by Monique Lhuillier our May #kowebride wore perfectly….

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 4.11.36 PM

Photo: The Harris Co.



Yours truly & in Style,

Randi Poillon
Styled By Randi

Thank you Randi so much for your expertise on this trend.  I am loving it and look forward ot seeing more #kowebrides rocking this look.  What do YOU think?  Do you give this trend a sparkly thumbs up or down? Let us know in the comments!