2021 was a whirlwind, to say the least! The wedding season started as one big question mark and turned into Team KOWE doing over 40 weddings! Along the way, we discovered some amazing things that make our lives easier, calmer, more productive, or simply bring us joy.

We hope you’re able to celebrate the season with your friends and family. After what seems like a whirlwind year for everyone, it’s time to relax and enjoy time with loved ones. Happy holidays from Katie, Casey, Nate and everyone at Katie O Weddings and Events!

These are a few of our favorite things…

Katie’s Favorites

1. Kid Bath Bombs: 

Bath bombs are THE best part of tubby time for my kiddos.  We love these and the toy surprise is always a big hit!

2. Feelin Rosy Lip Balm from Morphe 

I am a self-proclaimed lip balm addict and always have one in my pocket, at my desk, next to my bed, in my bag…you get it!  I found this tinted lip balm at Ulta and it is the perfect tint and makes my lips feel so smooth! Under $10 too!!

3. Graceful Bag from Louis Vuitton 

Grateful for this “Graceful” bag that my husband surprised me with as a “souvenir” from his recent trip to Paris.  Yes, he picked it out based on the name!

4. Marco Polo App

This is my favorite app to stay connected with my friends and family!  If you haven’t seen it or tried it out— it allows you to record little video messages that don’t “disappear” so it is easier to have a virtual conversation.  I love my “cousin love” group where I can keep in touch with my “sister cousins” all over the country!  We actually were exposed to this app by a former KOWE bride, who planned almost all of her wedding via Marco Polo chats!

5. Ted Lasso Shop Forward Sweatshirt: 

I am a HUGE fan of both Ted Lasso and The Shop Forward so when this collaboration happened I was first in line to snag a “Believe” sweatshirt.  Based on this past year and looking forward to 2022, I truly BELIEVE we can handle and face anything that comes our way.

6. CBD Spray

I was influenced by an Instagram ad and feel so grateful, especially for the nighttime spray when I can’t fall asleep because I have details for over 40 weddings spinning through my head, need to be present as a wife and mom and still get rest!

Casey’s Favorites

7. Scrunchies

Thanks to Katie for shining a light on these hair game-changers. I love these scrunchies mainly for the gym but use them all the time! 

8. Water Bottle

I am the WORST at staying hydrated. This bottle with the time markers and straw helps me stay *somewhat* more hydrated. Makes a great gift! 

9. Beach Bag with Lock

I Went on a beach vacation with my mom and we were able to lock this on our chairs/palapa so we both could go in the water together with our belongings safely put away!

10. Bark Box

I’m a dog mom that loves to spoil her pup! These boxes are so clever and cheeky and Remy loves the toys and treats.

11. Every Plate

It’s always 4:00 pm when I realize we have no plans for dinner. Nothing in the fridge or pantry so I end up spending $20 or more on takeout or having cereal for the fourth time that week. I am so grateful for Every Plate for taking that stress off of my plate (pun intended). The plans are so inexpensive, meals are super easy and quick to make and they are always delicious. 

Nate’s Favorite Things

12. Marco Polo

I didn’t realize how much I like this app until my travel started up again. It helped me to feel like I missed less of my family’s activities while I was away.

13. George T. Stagg Kentucky Bourbon

It was a gift from a dear friend to either toast the winner of the 2020 election or drown my sorrows…continued drinking it into 2021 in celebration!  

14. Fratelli Coli

Very cool Italian ovenware. I’ve had a couple of small pieces in the past but recently purchased a large covered soup pot and matching bowls. I am planning on making a pumpkin Rissetto in it for Thanksgiving.

15. Jamon Iberico

This is a Spanish ham similar to Italian prosciutto. However, the free-range pigs feed on acorns which balance out the saltiness of the curing process. When I was in Madrid last month, there was a little shop next to my hotel that only sold Jamon Iberico sandwiches. It was the perfect “after work” snack!

16. Pocket organizer by Louis Vuitton

This is my splurge item for 2021.  I don’t like carrying a wallet but that’s impractical…for years, I’ve used a simple leather business card/ID holder. I’d jam all my credit cards on one side and my ID and business cards on the other…I’d need to take everything out to find the card I was looking for…in comes the LV pocket organizer. It’s sized like the cardholder and is extremely thin for a wallet but it has 9 individual slots for cards, ID, and more to keep me organized! No more fumbling through all the cards!