International Women’s Day is a day that is special to me for SO many reasons. There are many uplifting & outstanding women doing things in every corner of society that it’s incredibly important we take the time to lift them up, today AND EVERY DAY!  Growing up and becoming a female business owner, wife & mother; there have always been women that have made an impact on my life for the better. So what better way to celebrate this day than by sharing some of them with you?! (who run the world, GIRLS!)  I hope if you do not know these women, you will have the chance to cross paths with them at some point in your life to inspire you to become an even better version of yourself, the same way so many of them did mine!

Check out 10 inspiring and influential ladies in my life and what it is they do that makes them SPARKLE! 

Ginni O’Malley- Mom and “GiGi”

When the idea of IWD came about the first woman I thought of was the first woman I ever met. As a mom my mother has always been there for me and my siblings. She always taught me to do my best and follow my dreams. My mother cares for my children every day and is the absolute best role model and “GG” to Grace and Charlie.  She is supportive, accommodating with my crazy schedule and loves her grandchildren more than anything. Her overly caring heart and love for family is something I strive for EVERY single day in my life and what has helped mold me into not only the mother I am today, but also as a business professional!

Janet Cooper- Angela’s Bridal

What girl doesn’t grow up and think of her dream wedding gown?! Janet with Angela’s Bridal makes those dreams come true for so many women every single day by providing the best bridal experience a girl could want for her special day (including me when I was a bride!). As a fellow #momboss, she has become a trusted friend and advisor for both motherhood and running a business. At Angela’s Bridal, you can rest assured that you are going to get exceptional service, attention to detail, and expertise in fit and design.  I work with a lot of different brides and many different types of women and Janet always touches everyone’s heart with the way she puts herself into her work to find their dream dress!

Liz Halvorsen- Mess to Bliss

Everyone needs a lady like Liz in your life (I am lucky to have had her since birth–she is my “sister cousin”) Not only is she a wife and mom of 3 which is probably how she understands where the word “Mess”can sometimes show up in your life, but she started her business as a professional organizer so that she could help others! Everyone deserves a little bliss whether it’s in their own home, office, or even their car!   Liz is someone who is able to listen to your organization and productivity needs and turn them around to be able to deliver a custom space for you, while giving you peace and clarity that you never knew you needed. She brings so much bliss to my life and I am grateful for her!

Nicki Pezzulo- Vice President of Philanthropy at the YMCA

If you were looking for a driven woman who not only excels in her lane but who strives to bring other women up with her then you have found her! Nicki is not only an amazing business woman but is a big reason for who I have become today with Katie O Events and is sure to celebrate my sparkle-versary every year with me and how far we have come. Her passion for leadership and inspiring others not only shows through her work as the Vice President of Philanthropy at the YMCA (I mean how much better of a title can you get?!) but you can also see it through her friends and colleagues she stands by on the way to completing their own journeys. She is an amazing mom, daughter, sister, christ follower, mental and physical health warrior and a leader that is dedicated to making the world a better place by pouring herself into people.  

Randi & Nicole- Haute Messes in Dresses

This dynamic duo is exactly what they say they are; Haute Messes in Dresses! But aren’t we all?! We all need that support in life that shows it’s not all perfect, and we love that they are so authentically real about that!  Haute Messes in Dresses was created by Randi & Nicole, who are fashion obsessed, personal styling magicians! They spent their entire friendship exchanging fashion inspo, style advice and killer sales and now they are sharing it with the world! We were recently styled by Randi and Nicole and it was incredible how much an outfit made us feel inside and out! Do yourself a favor and get to know these boss babes!  We promise you’ll thank us later-and stylishly at that! 

Genika Blandshaw – Juice Factory

A boss momma of some fierce daughters of her own and owner of the Juice Factory in Troy, Genika is a lady of so many talents & passions and unlike so many others she finds a way to tap into those talents and incorporate it into her everyday life through her work! I don’t think I have seen her turn down a single project due to intimidation or for the fear of failing.   Genika has now outgrown her first location, and opened up a larger homefront where she serves healthy juice, smoothies, juices, bowls, and lunch options.  Her vision is absolute GOALS AND she is showing every other female out there that as a woman you can conquer anything you want and not feel like you’ve worked a day in your life which is something EVERYONE should strive for!  Also, I am a HUGE fan of her “Pink Health Nut” smoothie- try it- trust me! 

Elizabeth Jojo – Redburn Development

This female Vice President of Redburn Development is blazing her way in the “property-world” and is well known and respected for the differences she has been able to make in her line of work. We have been lucky enough to get to know her more as we work together to bring the historic Kenmore Ballroom back to life.  Under her design direction, unparalleled passion and energy we have witnessed an amazing transformation and can not wait to share it with the world! Another strong #momboss who was back to work 3 days after having her third beautiful child. Her love for revitalizing downtowns is the same as her love for her family; she knows the potential and knows how she can motivate others to create a difference.

Megan Fahy – Megan Fahy Calligraphy

Megan is a true beauty inside and out and is one of those people you meet that you will immediately want to be friends with.  Her humor, knowledge of random pop references and 90’s music is hard to match. Megan is a wife and mom of two (strong, smart and beautiful “little women”) offering a wide variety of hand-lettering services to clients around the country including place cards, seating charts, signs-you name it.  She has been featured in Bridal magazines, People, US Weekly, Vogue and the list goes on-talk about a sparkly girl boss! 

Nora Matthews- Her Strength Studio

Nora is what we call an up-lifter to ALL women! Through her love and passion for fitness, she is able to help women by instilling a healthy lifestyle and building up confidence during some of life’s most challenging moments. I am so lucky to have met Nora, and to have benefitted from one of her programs while I was pregnant with my first child and signed up for her pregna-fit class.  Since the first day, I knew she was special. She cares deeply for her clients and the community – something I’ve been very fortunate to witness through the years as I continue to watch her business grow. Like many others, Nora has inspired me to be the best version of myself, and I couldn’t feel more blessed to be a cheerleader, advisor and friend to her as she is to me!

Nicole Bradley & Danielle Palermo
-Superfecta Management 

The girl-bosses at Superfecta Management are new to our lives, but we are so glad to have met them and been able to work together!  Starting with a passion for Social Media and helping local businesses thrive, this team of ladies have made a name for themselves in the industry and are taking social media, website management and business consulting to a whole new level!  We have been excited to work with them on this International Women’s day collaboration and we have had a blast working together thus far!