When KOWE couples ask us for some ideas on what gifts to give to their attendants, suggesting bridesmaids gifts is always a little bit easier than groomsmen. Ladies can get cute matching robes, sparkly jewelry or paying for their hair and makeup services on wedding day. Groomsmen on the other hand can be more challenging. I don’t think matching silk robes has the same effect for guys… 😉 .

Below is our KOWE Gift Guide: Groomsmen Edition

Hot Shaves: 
Whether you decide to do this the day before the wedding or the morning of, you could pay for everyone to get a fresh hot shave. A cool and unique experience for your guys.
One of our October 2015 grooms had The Outpost Barber come to his hotel suite and all the guys spent the morning together eating, drinking, and getting fresh shaves.


(Manly) Monogrammed Travel Bag & “Dollar Shave Club” Subscription:

While we are on the topic of facial hair you could get your guys a cool monogrammed travel toiletry bag and a subscription for the “Dollar Shave Club”. 


The Man Crate: 

If you haven’t heard about Man Crate yet, where have you been? They offer a bunch of different gift boxes for every hobby, passion or personality there is. From a pipe carving kit to a Disc Golf crate all the way to the Sriracha Crate (yes, a box dedicated to those who love Sriracha). Crate prices begin at $19.99. And don’t worry, if you give this to your groomsmen the day of the wedding, they each come with a mini crowbar to open.


Game/Concert Tickets:

Before the wedding you and your guys will be spending a lot of time together. Engagement party, bachelor party and of course the wedding weekend. Get your groomsmen tickets to a game or concert where you can all hang out again! Also something fun to look forward to after the wedding.


Wedding Day Attire/Details:


Everyone needs to wear socks on wedding day (unless you’re getting married on the beach in Cancun) why not get your guys socks that match their personality/hobbies/or style!



A cool watch that all the groomsmen can wear on wedding day and beyond!
Check this one out, they are made of wood! 


We also love Daniel Wellington watches for groomsmen. Simple, timeless, classic.



Nowadays, you can buy custom cufflinks for every personality! Sports guys, ‘Merica lover, Star Wars fan… make your friends and family feel like you really put thought into their gift by picking the perfect cufflink style.


Just remember, its truly the thought that counts and you’re lucky to have these men and women in your life stand with you at the altar.