Brides come to us everyday asking for our recommendations for local hair and makeup teams that are reliable, affordable, and going to make them feel beautiful on wedding day! Casey and I wanted to be able to provide “real life” experience to our

So last week we did just that. We wanted to be able to refer salons that we know 1st hand have talented staff and listen to what we wanted as “brides”!

Complexions Spa invited Casey and I to spend the morning getting glammed with their uber talented make up artist, Natalie (@dekedout_makeup).
She took time to explain how Complexions Spa takes care of each bride and their bridal party from the first call to placing her veil in on wedding day. Including pre-wedding skin care steps, bachelorette parties in the spa and trials to make sure that your hair and makeup is exactly how you want it!

KOWE Tip: Schedule your hair and makeup trial for the same the day as your engagement shoot! That way you have your hair and makeup done for those pictures. Don’t worry, your artist will change your look so that you don’t look super “bridal” for those e-shoot pics. 

There are two types of brides. The first being the bride that wants to feel beautiful but also themselves. And I quote….
“I don’t want to look like someone else when I walk down the aisle”
“I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I want to feel bridal!”
“I don’t want to feel like I have makeup on caked on!”

So Katie decided to be that bride and asked Natalie to do the “natural bride” look.

The second type of bride is the “glam bride”

And I quote….
“I LOVE makeup and wear a good amount of makeup everyday.”
“This is my wedding day I want to feel beautiful, sexy and special!”
“My wedding is an elegant black tie affair, I want to make sure my overall look matches that”

So Casey decided to be that bride and asked Natalie to do the “glam bride” look.


Katie says: “I loved how it didn’t feel heavy and I felt like a more beautiful version of myself. I didn’t feel like I walked out of the spa with a ton of makeup on. I was impressed with Natalie as I gave her little to no direction and she made me feel so confident.

Casey says: “I forgot I had makeup on thats how light and fresh it felt! I got SO many compliments all day saying how beautiful I looked. I did have to take off the Hollywood lashes after about 8 hours… doing office work with heavy lashes is not my thing but if I were going to an event or wedding I would 100% want the “glam bride” look. 


Thank you Complexions Spa and Natalie for making us feel beautiful!
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