A few thoughts as I prepare to celebrate “my” 1st Mother’s Day.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the upcoming holiday.  I am so excited to celebrate and share my very 1st Mothers Day with my baby girl.  The past 9.5 months have been so amazing and quite honestly I don’t think I have words that can capture all the feelings I have felt.  It has given me time to reflect and think about so many “Mom’s” who have made an impact on my life. Please know that the original list was LONG…there are so many strong, inspiring, loving & caring women to highlight.  I needed to scale back for this post but know I hold all of you in my heart.

Thank you…

To my Grandmother who was part of my Mom’s “village” while raising me before a “village” was a thing.  It was just family and that’s what you did.  I am so lucky to have had her in my life for as long as I did.

To my best friend’s Mom, who during our senior year (prior to heading out to a party) reminded us “Girls just remember to be able to look at yourself in the mirror tomorrow  morning.” Thanks Mrs. C, these words have always stayed with me …way beyond high school.

To my own Godmother who I grew up watching or hearing about running marathons, who constantly pushes herself to be strong and go the extra mile.  You taught me at a young age that exercise is good for your not only your body but mind too!

To my BFF (of over 20 years!) who started her own family hundreds of miles away from anything familiar.  Your strength, determination and management of “2 under 2” is to be admired.  You pour so much love and dedication into your family and I miss you.

To my “forever friend” who I only just met 5 short years ago.  Your guidance, constant support, patience and fielding MANY “is this ok to do when pregnant” texts was a blessing.  Thank you for making me feel like everything is going to be ok…and doing it with “Style” & grace.

To my sister who I have been lucky enough to have by my side through everything. The day my nephew made you a Mom was one of the best days.  I have been able to watch and learn for almost 9 years now and I am so lucky to have you as such an incredible role model as I start this journey of motherhood.  You are amazing.

To my client turned friend who has shared with me so many valuable stories, parenting advice and new lyrics to “This Little Piggy.”  Trust me, Grace loves when this little piggy goes to “Starbucks & Sephora”, but giggles the most when the piggy goes “Weeeee Weeeee Weeeee all the way home to where her Mommy & Daddy love her the most.”

To Emily Ley, who I have only ever “met” via FaceTime (as evidenced below) while my #lifemaid was at a book signing in Atlanta.  Your words, your heart and the light you shine in your book “Grace not Perfection,” have helped me become a better Mom & business owner. You are an inspiration.

To my husbands Mom and my daughters namesake. Even though you were only able to physically be a mother to Nate until he was 12 years old, you are with him everyday as he parents Grace. Thank you for raising a man who knows the value of family, how to love & respect women and how to keep a faith that helps you through the hardest of times. “Even our bad days are good.”

To my Mom.  I know now Mommy. I get it. I feel the anxiety, the doubt, the uncertainty when it comes to raising my baby girl.  But I also aim to be strong, positive and confident when each day comes.  It is true what they say about not truly knowing how much you can love & appreciate your own Mom until you become one yourself.  We are so lucky to have you in our “village” and thank God everyday for your support.

So while this might be “my” 1st Mother’s Day… I will be celebrating so many more Mom’s who have helped me grow, learn and become a better mother each and every day as I set out to hopefully earn the title #momidol myself one day.

Happy Mother’s Day!
Hope it sparkles.