Two years ago today week we planned a wedding for Kristie and Chris in 68 days! That’s right… 68 DAYS! So many creative details and touches were involved in their special day.  We could not have made this magic happen without the creative minds of Kris Ann Elario of Fleurtacious Designs, the team at Total Events, Jenny C Designs and the staff at Mazzone Hospitality.

One of our favorite details of this wedding was their favor. It wasn’t something you ate or a trinket you took home and threw away four days later. It was a warm, inviting aroma. If I were Oprah and had a “Favorite Things Holiday List” this would be on it –the Crisp Champagne by Volupsa candle. In their ceremony space we had a few larger candles burning before guests arrived, filling the space with this romantic scent and added an extra touch by adding room spray prior to the start of their ceremony. At the end of the evening, guests were gifted their own candle as their favor – whenever they light it at home, their senses bring them back to Kristie and Chris’s magical wedding day.


We also LOVE this custom illustration sign created by Jenny C Designs.  Kristie and Chris brought together their two families to create one on their wedding day.  They wanted to do something more creative than a program and incorporating their children was important to them both. The unique personalities of each of the family members and amazing like-ness created made for a treasured keepsake for the couple long after the day.

We enjoy bringing so many unique, sparkly and creative ideas to our #kowecouples.  “Cultivate creativity” is a KOWE Core Value and we get so much joy from seeing our couples so happy on their wedding day thanks to some added ‘sparkle!’

This ceremony space was one of my favorites of all-time…


A stunning ceremony location at 677 Prime by Total Events, Fleurtacious Designs and KOWE…



Candles waiting for guests to take as their gift on their way out to always remember the magic that was Kristie & Chris’ ceremony…