As I sit here on the eve of my favorite holiday and my 7th year in business, there is A LOT of gratitude in my heart.  I have been blessed beyond measure both personally and professionally.  I started this little blog series of “10-ish” things I am grateful for this year and I am proud to say that I made it to 5 posts (that includes this one!)  I am not frustrated, disappointed or feel like I have failed because I didn’t make the time to write all 10 posts.  I have learned that time with my daughter Grace, time with family and clients always takes priority now.  So this will be my last post on my “10-ish things I am grateful for” series and I am ok with that.

Today I am MOST thankful for TEAM KOWE.  Exactly 7 years ago today I held a business launch party at the Palace Theater.  This picture below from that night is too funny…I had no idea what I was in for and was toasting to get started on the “unknown.”  I am so grateful I made that toast.



Thankfully,  I had friends (who also were event professionals) help me out on weekends when I needed assistants.  I juggled meeting clients at Starbuck’s or Panera.  Many times, I felt lonely and wondered if this was the right path.  I had a tribe of friends and advisors who guided me, believed in me and gave me the courage I sometimes lacked to keep going.  Over the course of 7 years I have built a team that is truly outstanding and one of my greatest accomplishments.

For the first 4 years I had some steady office help with various interns and assistants.  It wasn’t until 2.5 years ago that I would finally find the perfect fit to be my “right hand lady!”  Casey started with an energy that is infectious, a dedication to KOWE that is inspiring and a postive attitude that makes anyone that meets her smile and feel happy.  She is responsible for keeping me on track and on time for appointments, making sure I eat lunch, listening to my crazy BIG ideas (like writing 10 blog posts at one time) and being my right hand in all situations when I need to lean on her.  One of our favorite accomplishments together was creating and standing by our KOWE Core Values.  We created them together, we live them each day together and I am so grateful for this.   Adding Casey to my team was the best decision I have made as a business owner.


Who else makes up #teamKOWE exactly?  I am always proud to explain this to potential clients as I believe we have the best team around!  Casey and I are in the office full-time, we sell, plan and coordinate weddings from start to finish.  I have a team of 8 freelance Senior and Assistant Coordinators who coordinate during the busy season.  Most of these women have been with me for 3 years or more. They are professional, seasoned planners who are 100% dedicated to all KOWE couples.  We never place interns or inexperienced coordinators on our weddings.  We promise and deliver only the BEST team for our clients.


Surrounding myself with smart, talented and passionate team members is why KOWE is so successful.  I have taken time to build, cultivate and create an environment that is fun, nurturing and always improving for my team and clients.  I would not be where I am today, as a business owner and #sparkleMomBoss if it wasn’t for their hard work, support and dedication to my company.  Thank you to each and every one of you for showing up, putting in the work and always sparkling.

This Monday I was surprised to walk into the studio and see a card waiting for me on my desk.  Along with a card came a one-of-a-kind gift.  My amazing team who LIVES our KOWE Core Values had this custom board created just for me by Simply Scout to commemorate my 7th year in business.  I was blown away and cried the “ugly cry” to prove it.  This gift embodies what I have worked so hard to create.  Thank you #teamKOWE for this thoughtful gift and for helping me make my dream come true every single day.  Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, laughter and love.