Sunday. The last day of the weekend. Also known as a day of rest or “Sunday funday” to some. For about 9 months out of the year in my world of weddings and events Sunday is my (sometimes only) day off. It is pretty sacred in many ways and 2 things are certain: church & Sunday dinner.  
When I met Nate one of the many reasons that I fell in love and admired most was his dedication to his faith and family. I was somewhat inconsistent for most of my adult life with the faith part. I have always believed in a higher power, I know and trust that prayer works and having the comfort of faith to get through the tough times is a gift. I didn’t start going to mass regularly again until I met Nate. We now go every Sunday and it is one of my happiest and most calm times of the week. No matter what you believe having time to reflect and pray is so important. One of Grace’s first outings just 10 days after she was born was to church!

This weekend we welcomed Grace into the community at St. Pius X at her Baptism and we are excited to watch her faith grow. 

The other Sunday certainty is dinner. As a Maloney…you know that Sunday at six o’clock is dinner time. Not just a regular dinner….it’s “Sunday dinner.” Nate told me that there were 2 “non-negotiables” in our marriage, the Travers Day tailgate celebration and Sunday dinner. I said to him “Every Sunday? You guys have dinner every Sunday together?!?” And he said “Yes and if you miss it there has to be a valid excuse and you must tell Rick (my father in law) by noon that day.” I thought oh boy…this is a big commitment. At first I was a little annoyed that I would have to be committed to anything on my one day off. Now I can’t imagine a Sunday without dinner around that table with our family. It is amazing to come together each week, share stories, laugh and now watch Grace and her cousin Mae grow up. In this fast moving, over connected and insane world we live in…we always have Sunday. No matter what crazy schedules we are keeping we always have time for dinner to relax, connect and be together. Of all the gifts Nate has given me I can truly say  that “Sunday dinner” is one of the greatest. I am so grateful for our Sunday’s as a family of 3 now and feel so blessed every day for our faith and family time.  I look forward to carrying on the Sunday dinner tradition for many years to come.

All the best & sparkle,

Katie O’