Katie O’s 10-ish days of gratitude.

Ok so on Monday I came into the office and was filled with sparkle & excitement. I told Casey at our Monday meeting that I had this great idea for a blog series. Since it was November 14th which is exactly 10 days prior to my KOWE Anniversary I would share “10 things I am grateful for.” This was the perfect idea since I would post my first entry on Monday 11/14 and my last on Thursday 11/24! Yep….so there’s that. 

It’s now Tuesday 11/15 at 6:27am and I’m writing my first entry in the notes section of my iPhone while watching Grace (in her crib-3rd night in a row!) on the monitor and listening to Mr. Katie O “breath heavily in his sleep”next to me. I remind you all of my favorite mantra from Emily Ley…”Grace not perfection.” 

So here we are in one of the best months of the year. We celebrate my favorite holiday…Thanksgiving, my 7th year in business and all things to be grateful for.  

Stay tuned as I highlight 10 reasons, people, things, and experiences I am most grateful for and we will hopefully stay on track from here on out for the next 10-ish days. Since now that I have put it out there I have to make it happen. 

All the best & sparkle,

Katie O’