In this day and age, there is no limit to where people will get married. From an elopement at City Hall to the Hall of Springs, or a wedding at home. Weddings come in all shapes and sizes (and we love them all)!

But the latter, weddings at home, require a little extra consideration. If you’re thinking about hosting a wedding at home, keep reading for some helpful tips to keep in mind as you plan.


Size Matters
They say home is where the heart is…but is it a good place to host your wedding? Depending on the size of your guest list, you may not have enough room in your home to host 150 people. Does your yard have enough space (that is level & flat) for a tent?

Is there a designated location to park cars on site? If not, perhaps a satellite location could be used for parking and a shuttle could run between the lot and the wedding location.

Most homes would be overwhelmed with a large volume of people using their facilities over an extended period of time. If your home is on a septic system, then you likely won’t have a choice. In most cases, we recommend renting bathroom facilities to have on site for the wedding day. And, believe it or not, there is a range of options for portable bathrooms-and they can get very fancy!

Electrical Considerations
Weddings take a lot of juice…energy, that is. From the needs of the caterer, to the DJ or band, not to mention and lighting needed for your tent. It’s not uncommon for weddings at home to need a generator on site to handle the electrical needs of the big day.

And if you’re renting a tent, it’s a good idea to call Dig Safe NY or your utility providers to make sure you’re in the clear before the tent goes up.


Tables, Chairs, etc.
When you host a wedding at an event space, they typically have all of the tables and chairs in house. But if you’re hosting at home, this is an additional expense to consider as everything needs to be brought in–even the dance floor.

You may want to consider spraying for bugs–the last thing you want on your wedding day is a swarm of gnats!

Does the homeowner want a wedding at their house?
This may seem like an obvious question, but sometimes in the excitement of the engagement this question can be overlooked. I had a couple 6 years ago who really wanted a wedding at their mother’s home–a gorgeous Victorian on 8 acres! There was a ton of space, character, and charm…but Mom didn’t want the added stress of hosting a wedding at her house.




A wedding at home can be amazing, personal, and unique. But before you make a final decision, be sure to think about everything mentioned here and make sure everyone is on the same page!

Keep sparkling–