Hello #KOWEfollowers; Katelynn here. We met in the last blog post, I can’t believe it has already been 3 months and it is time for me to say “see you later” to KOWE Headquarters. Time has flown; I have had SO much fun, and learned that much more. My sparkly mentor, The Katie O’, has helped to make this the best semester of my schooling, as well as become someone I will continue to follow and look up to as I begin my own career. 

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As I entered my senior year last fall, I was anxious and excited all at the same time. I had worked so hard to get where I was, and wanted to have a little fun as I wrapped up my degree. Fall 2015 was the longest, most stressful semester of my entire education. In the midst of the hard work, I reconnected with a family friend, Jilly (one of Katie’s lifemaids, and a dear friend to my family), who mentioned that Katie O’ Weddings and Events was looking for an intern for the spring 2016 semester. What could be more fun for my last semester of college that helping to plan weddings?!?

As soon as I started with Katie O’ I realized how much work being an event planner was. I quickly learned that organization is the key when maintaining more than 20 events at a time. Katie loves her binders, even though she never puts them back in order! (insert winky emoji) The comfy office quickly became home as I fit right in with the KOWEHQ team. My long term project that I worked on for entire duration of my internship was the social media presence. I helped to maintain the social media presence of KOWE as well as develop new ways to connect with clients and vendors. I also was the go to chocolate chip cookie finder; or even the baker sometimes. (I had time to bake as a senior in college; that is how great my semester went)

From a personal standpoint, I used to find social media something that takes away from special moments in lives, and the use of hashtags to be a little silly. Once I started managing Katie O’s Instagram I began to realize just how easy and accessible the use of “hashtags” makes finding information. We have created and developed hashtags to show our followers different venues, explain tips for planning events and even just to show the things that we do daily in the office. (Did I mention how much fun this internship is?) I regularly spent days getting to look through blogs of #KOWECouples to find the perfect pictures to showcase their special day. I maaaaybe even daydreamed about how much I wanted to be a #KOWEBride one day. (insert heart eye emoji) Transitioning social media from a personal use to a marketing tool for this business was a great lesson learned. This was the perfect way to experience the avenues which Katie uses to connect with clients and vendors constantly, maintaining our relationships in the slow and busy seasons.

Some of my favorite instagram posts….

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In the past 3 months I have been able to truly get to know what it means to be a part of #TeamKOWE. Nothing validates the long planning weeks of the off season more than a bride we’ve been virtually planning with for 6 months jump out of her car and steal a hug around Baby M before Katie even had a chance to shake her hand.  The only thing that tops that is when the #KOWEGroom continually ensures Katie throughout the planning process that they are excited for Baby M to be there helping to make their day perfect.

 No matter if you are working with Katie O’ or hiring her to make your event flawless, the minute you walk into the studio you are family. There is nothing more comforting than having the chance to learn from someone who is just as eager to pass on her knowledge. All around, this experience is far more sparkly and perfect that I imagined it would be when I walked into the office on the cold January morning. 


Katelynn, Intern to Sparkle