Dear Baby M,

Your Dad and I are SO excited for you to join our team.  So excited we decided to pop the Le Grand Courtage that was gifted to me at the Inspired Retreat.  Now, they told us to open when we had a small of big reason to celebrate our business.  So you might be confused…you certainly are not business related.  BUT quite the opposite, you are turning this “business” into a “family business.”  You are joining the KOWE team and will grow up living, learning and knowing the sparkle.  So we thought this was the perfect way to announce your arrival with the world!  

Katieo 008 2


I will tell you now that we will always be 100% honest with you.  We will share with you the good, the bad and the ugly.  That's who we are.  We are pretty up-front, honest and people who don't shy away from the spotlight.  Hopefully, you will share the love of this with us.  If not, we will respect your wishes and your privacy.  

For now, since you don't have too much of a vote on the decisions just yet, I wanted to share with you the “why” behind Dad and I choosing to share the news of your arrival with the world of social media.  Trust me, this decision was not one we made lightly.  In fact, I was pretty much set on NOT sharing on Facebook or Instagram.  It was then I realized that we were not being true to who we are or the parents we plan to be.  You see, Baby M, your Dad and I have had a pretty public courtship, engagement and marriage.  This wasn't entirely planned, it all really happened naturally.  As a wedding planner and business owner I am involved in the community, I share more of my personal life than most because my clients aren't just hiring someone to stand with a clipboard on their wedding day and cue the music and organize the bridal party.  No, we build relationships with our clients and they become like family to us.  Sharing who we are outside of the pretty wedding pictures of our amazing couples is part of who we are.

I was concerned that if I shared the news of your impending arrival that people wouldn't hire us.  They would be nervous and business would suffer.  It was at this very moment that I realized just how wrong my thinking was.  We CELEBRATE everything…love, family, friendship, the smallest occasions and you are one of the BEST and BIGGEST occasions to celebrate.  I am lucky enough to say we have worked hard to create a company that is surrounded by the best team and clients that are supportive, loving and share in our joys.  

We are excited to welcome you into this sparkle-filled world of #teamKOWE. Your Momma is a business owner, entrepreneur, dreamer, and wildly protective of her clients and loved ones.  I want you to know that anything is possible and I am scared.  I am not sure what to expect at all once you grace this world with your beautiful presence.  I know that thanks to so many inspiring women I have been lucky enough to be exposed to through social media that I can do anything with faith, love and family (I'm looking at you Emily Ley, Amber Housley and Rhi Bosse-thank you xo) 

You will learn that as woman you can do anything you can set your mind to.  You will dream big.  You will fail.  You will laugh.  You will cry.  You will have days you wish you hadn't gotten out of bed.  You will have days when you aren't certain of yourself.  You will always have faith.  You will be supported and supportive.  You will always be loved.  You will be open, honest and willing to share your gift with the world.  Dad and I can't wait to meet you and I know there are a lot of other amazing people in this world who feel the same.  


Stay amazing, sparkle & love big,


Mom & Dad (effective July 2016)