Like many of you I spend plenty of time on Instagram scrolling (aka stalking) through posts that make me “feel all the feels”… you know them…the ones that make us want to reach out and give that person a high five and say “yes girl!! I get you” or “ahhhmazing, thank you for sharing this”.

Inspired 2015 Monday 0031

I spent about 2 years doing this very thing with Amber Housley and her Inspired Retreat.  The pictures, the messages and the sparkle were just awesome. I thought, “Wow that would be so amazing to attend” and then I immediately started making the excuses…

“it's too much money”…

“I have too many weddings to focus on”…

“I don't have the time”…

“I'm not going to know anyone there” blah…blah….blah….

Thankfully, after a chance meeting with a “friendor” who had recently been to an industry retreat, I had the push I needed.   I realized this was just the experience I was looking for and signed up! Here is a look inside what Inspired Retreat meant to me.


Inspired means business. 

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During this 4-day retreat we were exposed to smart, talented, bold business owners who presented on a wide variety of topics.  Let me share a couple of my favorite “take-aways” from a few of these women.

Leah Remillet kicked-off our first night with an outstanding, soul lifting presentation entitled:  “Bigger. Better. Bolder. Dream Bigger, Live Better, Be Bolder.”  Ladies- this “girl was on FIRE!”  (insert your best Alicia Keys voice here)  My favorite part (aside from her energy that was tangible) was the 21 Day Performance Challenge that I am currently starting! 


  1. Record 3 positive things that happen to you each day
  2. Do something active 30 minutes a day
  3. Purposefully plan 15 minutes to unplug/meditate
  4. Perform 1 Random act of kindness each day
  5. Set aside one hour 5 days a week for the BIG idea


Try this- make it happen for you and your business- do it and see how you feel!

Inspired 2015 Sunday 0039


I could go ON and ON. My notebook from One Canoe Two was FILLED with so many great ideas, here are just a few…

Inspired 2015 Sunday 0034

 Thanks to Studio Calico for recalling the good words of Captain Jack Sparrow that absolutely spoke to me: 

“The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem”  Ahhhh…so simple yet must be remembered!! 

Shanna Skidmore presented:  “Intentionality in Finance: Simple but not easy” This was a presentation on finance that was made soft, romantic and inspiring- it was like I was getting a “finance hug.”  A perfect reminder shared was from this Dave Ramsey quote: “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.”

Business is at the core of Inspired and there are so many opportunities to learn, grow and help make you a smarter businesswoman.


Inspired also means community. 

2015 10 21 28658

Before and after all of the formal sessions and presentations there were opportunities to connect with attendees and the speakers one on one.  You were reminded that you are not alone, you are part of a team and you define your own success.  The side chats during all the delicious meals and the unplanned conversations during free-time were one of the most rewarding parts of the retreat.  I was lucky enough to have a super sweet roomie in Courtney from Milk Jar Cookies (check her out!) and we spent close to 2 hours one day just rocking on our porch getting to know one another better.  It was awesome.


Inspired means fun.

Inspired 2015 Monday 0158


What conference have you attended for work that had you whip and nae nae? It’s true we did it, it was fun for some, scary for others but overall it got everyone out of their comfort zone and it made us all laugh.


We enjoyed signature cocktails at dinner, were greeted with thoughtful welcome bags upon arrival and then more treats designed to inspire at each dinner. One of my favorite T-shirts came from TomKat Studio that read “SPARKLE!” and on the final night was greeted with my very own Emily Ley Simplified Planner.   The gifts were wonderful and a beautiful, generous bonus to this already unbelievable experience.

Inspired 2015 Sunday 0013 


I am so glad I did not listen to all the excuses in my head.  I am happy that I listened to my heart and went to a place of “YES.”  I encourage you all to do the same, you will not be sorry.  It is my turn now, to take all of the lessons learned, all of the inspiration and knowledge shared and make it happen!  The investment in the retreat was worth it and will truly bring huge returns if I commit to my list of actions items and make a difference!

Inspired 2015 Tuesday 0051

Check out my Instagram over the next few weeks as I share some of my favorites, vendors, gifts and inspiration from this truly amazing retreat!!


Finally, thank you so much to Sarah and Nicole from Frenzel Studios for sharing the amazing pictures!