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I have always loved this quote above and now that I am even busier with KOWE, married, and managing a bigger team it is even more meaningful.  Many people might find it crazy & hard to believe that in the middle of summer I actually take a vacation. Trust me, until a couple years ago I would have told you it was crazy!!
But after over 5 years in business and clocking MANY hours of work and VERY few vacations I realized it was time.

In my opinion, you simply can not be the best planner to your clients if you are not giving yourself a break and taking time to focus on life outside of the “wedding world.” This can be a very stressful, detailed, all-consuming and at times  very overwhelming business.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE that I live my dream every day but want to continue to love it. By taking this yearly “mid season” break, it allows me to “miss” it, get refreshed and clear my mind in order to keep the sparkle up!

So my husband Nate and I packed up and headed to Maine with good friends to discover Maine…. “the way life should be.”


Overall it was everything you would want a vacation and life to be:

Ice Cream CHECK

Perfect weather CHECK

Sleeping in late CHECK

Ice cream CHECK

Drinking good drinks & eating good food (including lobster for the first time for this girl) CHECK

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Ice cream CHECK

Bocce on the beach (Go Team Maloney…undefeated in 2015!) CHECK

Laughter CHECK

Finishing an entire book on the beach while laughing out loud many times (Bossy Pants by Tina Fey-and yes I loved it) CHECK

Ice cream CHECK

Setting sail on a sailboat for the first time ever CHECK

Ice Cream CHECK
…oh wait did I list ice cream 5 times?? Why yes, yes I did….a very wise & handsome man (my husband) once said “it is not really a vacation unless you have ice cream every night”…so yeah that happened.

So overall the vacation was beyond a huge success.  But don't let me fool you…there is no way it would have been as amazing or relaxing if it wasn't for my awesome team Casey & Frenchie who were managing all the work and clients while I was away.  They went above and beyond with the amazing #koweassistanttakeover on our Instagram and literally made it so my first day back wasn't unbearable. I took my inbox from 188 to 5 by the end of the day!!

What is the secert?  It is like I always say…”surround yourself with people smarter than you” and you too will find success and be able to eat ice cream every night for a week!!!

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