Believe it or not, the unity candle at a wedding ceremony has no basis in religion–it's just a nice gesture that has become popular and, arguably, commonplace that many people think that it has religious symbolism attached to it.

The lighting of the unity candle is representative two individuals or two families, or two lights becoming one–it's a lovely idea and one that so many of my clients embrace. Sometimes couples choose to do a sand ceremony in lieu of a unity candle which is also a great idea and a little different.

But one of my upcoming #kowecouples is doing this unique idea and I wanted to share it with you–it's a fresh take on the unity ceremony and it's really cool (or hot as the case may be!). 

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The company is called Unity in Glass and instead of lighting a candle or combining sand during your unity ceremony, you combine glass crystals. Before you get married you place an order with Unity in Glass–they offer different decorative glass elements such as a scuplture, bowl, or vase. You also pick what colors you'd like to use.

Then, during the wedding ceremony, you combine the colored glass crystals you chose into a container. After the wedding you send the crystals back to Unity in Glass where they handcraft a totally unique, handblown glass keepsake from your wedding to display in your home.

Aria Series Wedding Vase Grande

The whole process takes 2-6 weeks (after you send them the combined crystals) and you're left with a great conversation piece and a tanglible memory from your ceremony (aside from your wedding rings, of course)!

I think this is such a cool and innovative idea and I can't wait to see it in May at our KOWE wedding.

Did you do a unity ceremony at your wedding? Are you planning to do one? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling–