Oh, hey, January…yup, we know, Febraury is next and winter lingers even into March around here, but the winter also makes for some gorgeous weddings. There are a few things to consider with winter nuptials–mostly concerning photos. A first look is practically a must do if you're having a an early fall / winter wedding because there just isn't as much natural light as other times of year. A first look allows you to get your photos and portraits out of the way early while the light is still beautiful.

In researching this post, it became clear that winter is not the preferred time of year for most KOWE couples–but it still makes for some incredible events that are cozy and warm, but not “I feel like I'm melting” like many July weddings!

And, as Hank, Frank's assistant says in Father of the Bride, “I love snow because it's white and it goes with everything!” Truer words have not been spoken! So check out the images below for the KOWE Winter Wedding Hall of Fame…

A classic downtown Albany photo…this was such a great, intimate affair!677 Prime Albany Wedding Photos026

From Albany, to Troy…this was the first snowfall of 2013…love, love, love!Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos 551

While there may not be snow, those bare trees are a true indicator of winter! Great silhouette!Pats Barn Wedding Photos028

To the lake…brrr (this was technically spring, but, yeah, there was snow)…Crooked Lake House Wedding Photos39

And now to Saratoga…and, obviously, one of my personal favorites!Hall Of Springs Wedding Photos561

And last, but not least, I have NO IDEA whose wedding this was, but it's perfect. Gotta love Big Joe! Hahaha!Bts2014 003

Winter weddings, yay or nay (we say “yay!”)? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling–