With the holidays behind us and so many resolutions out there to improve health and wellness, I thought it would be a fun idea to post about a new class just for brides and bridesmaids (and friends and family of the couple) too!

This time last year things got real for me. Nate and I had been engaged for a while and our March wedding was right around the corner. Lucky for me, one of my cousins is a fitness guru and helped get me on the path fitness before the big day!

The idea of this class was born out of my own fitness experience. My fabulous cousin, Liz, helped organize a Barre class for my brides, brides(life)maids and some friends who were interested in Barre classes. I enjoy group fitness classes anyways, but it was so much fun to be in a class full of people I knew! And over the weeks other friends would drop in as they had time and it was a great way to see people AND do something for my health!

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And Barre classes are what I like to call, “sneaky fitness” classes. You typically use lighter weights and high reps (and a lot of body weight exercises, too). So when you first start a movement you think you're killing it, then you realize a few minutes later that the seemingly tame and easy movement is your new worst enemy (in the best way possible). Hence, sneaky fitness!

Knowing what a blast we had (and how nice we toned up) Liz thought it would be cool to bring her Bridal Barre Fitness to a new crop of brides-to-be! Beginning this Wednesday (January 7th) at 8:00PM at Poise Studios in Slingerlands, Liz will be kicking off her winter / spring Bridal Barre class. If you are new to Barre and not sure it is for you the team at Poise is offering a FREE Trial class if you are a first time student! Check out their website and Facebook page for more info about the studio and for other classes they offer, too!

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How did you get in shape for the big day? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling and happy new year–