Day 11 is all about Buttermilk Chicken! The best comfort food to help take the anxiety out of the holidays and add a sparkle to your belly. Take a break from all the hustle and bustle and visit our friends at One Six Five at Normanside Country Club. Chef Ken Ruud has put the most amazing Buttermilk Chicken Sliders on their menu…as is everything we have tasted from this talented chef’s kitchen!  The chicken is perfectly seasoned, crispy and moist! We served them at Katie O’s 5th Birthday Celebration last month and I can’t stop thinking about them or all the compliments our guests had about our “biscuit bar” featuring these yummy treats along with crispy prosciutto and a color wheel full of other fun toppings.   


As amazing and as comforting as Chef Ken’s Buttermilk Chicken, is the hospitality of the team at One Six Five.  Managing Partner, Dave Hostig, understands this business and knows the customer comes first. He has built an exceptional team that thrives on this principle.  His dedicated staff (especially Ricky, Mo and ReBecca) make you feel welcomed and appreciated- which can be hard to find at other establishments. The simplest act of remembering a frequent patron’s name can mean the difference between returning to enjoy future meals or heading somewhere else.  Here is a pic of their AWARD winning “NormanSlider” from the “2014 Slider Slam”  – they do sliders right at One Six Five- this is for sure!


These guys offer happy hour with a variety of small plate offerings starting at $4 is between 4 pm and 7 pm.  Go try some sliders (pair it with a Harpoon Winter Warmer) along with one of their drink specials to wash it down! Don’t be shy about the “country club” moniker in their name,  they are open to the public. Everyone is welcome at One Six Five!

Keep sparkling–