Our goal at Katie O' Weddings and Events is to make your wedding or event the most stressfree and relaxing day. I think we do a great job in doing so, but I'll be honest–it can be hard work. I know my team and I don't show it all the time, but sometimes we are majorly stressed (and not always sparkly!) It comes with the territory and, truthfully, I think we sort of thrive in that environment. But everyone needs some downtime and some rest and relaxation…

This is why last month I enlisted the help of some of my vendor friends (“friendors” as I like to call them) to help create an extra special day for my awesome senior coordinators. KOWE turns 5 in just 3 weeks and I wanted these amazing women to know how grateful I am for their hard work, dedication, love, sparkle and support in helping make my dreams come true!

We set the day off at one of my favorite places–Strut Spalontique–where the ladies from Strut brought the sparkle for the ladies (and Nate) of Katie O'! I wanted the girls to get the attention and care that our brides experience on their wedding day! It was a lot of fun getting all dolled up. We sipped champagne and generally just hung out. It was awesome. I gifted the girls their very own “sparkle” shirt from Lola and Darla.

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I asked Tiffany Wayne, of Tiffany Wayne Photography  to join us as we shared the sparkle with my Senior team. I LOVED having Tiffany capture some planned and unplanned moments.

After being spoiled at Strut we boarded the amazing PINK limo from Today's Limosuine and we were off to KOWE headquarters in Troy!  This limo is SO awesome inside and we had a lot of fun with our awesome driver John (he is the best!) 

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 We took some fun photos in and around the office- love this shot below of the Senior Team having fun!   After fun times at the office we then we piled into the limo again to our “final” destination!

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We arrived at Normanside Country Club and took some more amazing photos with our awesome set up.  HUGE thank you to all the friendors who helped make this day sparkle. There are so many fun pictures that I have to share some of my favorites!!

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Clearly there had to be lots of glitter and sparkle for us!

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5 years is a pretty big milestone for a small business so of course there was a cupcake from Bake4You (more on this amazing creation in a blog post soon!) and sparkle candle to make a wish on!

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I was so excited that we had an amazing team of women owned and operated businesses that worked on this shoot: Tiffany Wayne Photography, Jenny C Design, Megan Druckman of Lola Accessory Boutique, Styled by Randi, Kris Ann Elario of Fleurtacious Designs, Stella & Dot stylist Chelsea Baratto and Linda Kindlon of Bake for You. And a huge thanks to Dave at Normanside Country Club for his support, extra help and making us feel right at home during the shoot!

I had a blast sharing the day with my amazing senior coordinators and was so thankful for all of the support from my friendors, too!

Where do you see yourself in five years? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling–