This November will mark the 5 year anniversay of the official launch of Katie O' Wedding and Events. Just typing that gives me chills! Owning a business has been a huge learning curve replete with ups and downs, joy and laughter, and a lot of stress. But, more than anything, it has been incredibly rewarding.

You've heard me say numerous times on this blog that I'm so thankful for my clients and grateful that I truly love my work. I feel so blessed to share so many incredible special life moments with so many families who have entrusted me and my amazing KOWE crew to be a part of their day. And as the years go on, we often run into other KOWE alumni at weddings and I LOVE IT! Lots of KOWE (and Elario) alumni in the photo below!

 Crooked Lake House Wedding Photos59

We ran into Julie & Chad in Newport, RI at Erin and Matt's wedding!  Erin was Julie's Maid of Honor so we were thrilled to be a part of their celebration and get to catch up with a favorite KOWE couple!

IMG 0958

So much has happened over the past five years. I opened my storefront in Troy; I went on a lot of first dates that finally led me to the love of my life; and I have watched my clients go from giddy brides and grooms to new parents.In addition to their weddings, I've been invited to baby showers; and I watch as their own families go from two to three…four, and more! Fun fact: Dominick and Carolyn were the FIRST KOWE couple and now they have two gorgeous daughters!  I am grateful to be able to watch all these beautiful families grow and thank goodness for Facebook so I can keep up on all the cuteness!

Albany Newborn Photos03

This special group of individuals is known as KOWE Alumni (#kowealumni for you IG'ers!) Ever year we graduate a new class and I sincerely look forward to watching as the lives of my clients unfold!  It is truly the most important and meanigful part of what we do.  We build relationships, we have fun and we make memories to last a lifetime.

 Are you a KOWE alumni? Say hi in the comments and let us know your favorite part of being a KOWE couple!

Keep sparkling–