Looking for a new and creative idea to surprise your fiance on the big day? We here at KOWE headquarters have been keeping an eye out just for you. Here are some of the most fun and unique gift ideas that we have found.


Illustrative Moments

Surprise your bride by sending in photos and getting a custom illustrated print mailed back.  This is one of my most favorite, thoughtful and creative gift ideas for your bride!  (photo cred: www.illustrativemoments.com – and we highly suggest you check out the site.)




Garter Belts

If you are going to partake in the garter-toss tradition, you can surprise your brand new spouse by having their favorite team around your leg. Giants fans? This gem is up for sale on etsy!


 New York Giants Inspired Wedding Garter Set 0B597305


Another fun garter idea comes to us from http://www.lagartier.com/weddinggarters/ – check out this super fun and super sparkly piece!





Want to top the wedding cake with something fun and untraditional? You can get a custom bobblehead made at www.custombobbleheads.com. Definitely unique, and a fun way to reflect something special about just the two of you.


Bobblehead Standing On Grass Carrying The Bride 


These are just a few fun ways to let your new husband or wife know that you care! We would love to hear some of your ideas. What gift did you surprise your newlywed with on your wedding day??


Keep Sparkling–