As I sit here watching “Say Yes to the Dress,” (it is my favorite wedding show!) I can’t help but compare their experience to my own. Who could want this type of drama on the day they find their wedding dress?? Certainly, some of the drama on behalf of the guests at those appointments can be attributed to good ole show biz (and by the way… drama is an understatement!! these people can be ridiculous). I just saw a bride have absurd opinions being thrown at her like baseballs at a dunk tank at the county fair – and I thank my lucky stars that my experience was nothing like that!

When I was in the middle of planning my wedding, you may remember me saying that trying on my dress was the first time I really and truly felt like a bride. I hold onto the memory of that feeling and cherish it just as much as I cherish the memory of my actual wedding day. And I could not, and would not have had that amazing feeling if it hadn’t been for the wonderful and amazing staff at Angela’s Bridal.

From the moment I walked in the door, I felt at ease and so welcomed by the team. Jessica pulled a few samples for me, and I was so glad I had trusted her to. My first visit I tried on so many different styles to be able to really feel like I was picking the best silhouette for my body type. I really believed that I would be wearing a traditional, princess-like ball gown and I was pleasantly surprised by the stunning mermaid style Lazaro I ended up in. I only had to try on about 8-10 dresses, and I knew that I had found my match.

IMG 9031

I felt amazing, alluring and confident. It was the perfect mix of sparkle and tradition but with just the right amount of “non-tradition.” Janet and her team were simply amazing to work with from start to finish. I loved working with Janet for the alterations, selecting my bustle and making certain that every last detail was perfect. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I loved every minute!

IMG 9034

I wanted to write this blog to thank everyone at Angela’s who helped me find the most important dress of my life.

My top 3 tips I learned as a bride shopping for her wedding gown:

1)   Keep your shopping crew small! I started with only 3 “helpers” on my first visit and was so grateful for this!

2)   Trust that the sales associate knows what will look best on your body type.

3)   Say “YES!” to the dress that you immediately feel like you don't want to take off.  It should make you feel your best!

Here is one of my favorite photos of that seriously awesome piece of fabric with the amazing Angela's Bridal team!


With Janet And Jess


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