If you've attended a wedding recently, you may have noticed that many brides are giving their maids more freedom with respect to their attire. Personally, it's a trend I love and even embraced for my own wedding back in March.

Now, of course there is still a spot for tradition and brides who want every bridesmaid to be dressed exactly alike…and this still works. It's the go-to and it's classic and, arguably, will never go out of style.

It's been interesting to see this trend evolve over the years. It began a few years ago, as far back as 2010, when I had brides who would pick a dress company and a color–the dresses would be a perfect color match as the fabric was from the same dye lot, but the style of the dresses varied.

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And then there are the brides who pick a color family and tell their bridesmaids to pick a dress they're comfortable with (I love this image via Green Wedding Shoes)…

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Lastly, there are bridesmaids dresses from a similar color family, but with some extra oompf. Or, in my case, sparkle! This is the group I love and found myself and a favortie KOWE bride Jenni in this year.

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I love this trend because it really allows the bridesmaids to express themselves in a fun way and they're also choosing a dress that they are legitimately comfortable in and within a price range they're comfortable with, too. It's a win, win.

Some brides (or maids) may worry that one of the attendants will go rogue and pick something really horrific. I would say this is more the exception than the rule, but if you're worried about the fashion choices of one of your bridesmaids, ask them to text you a photo of the dress first to make sure you, as the bride, are OK with it. Again, this will likely not be an issue, but it gives the bride some semblance of control if you're concerned.

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How do you feel about this trend? Is it something you've noticed, too? Would you chose it? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling–