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KOWE Alumni…an Ever-Growing Crowd!

This November will mark the 5 year anniversay of the official launch of Katie O' Wedding and Events. Just typing that gives me chills! Owning a business has been a huge learning curve replete with ups and downs, joy and laughter, and a lot of stress. But, more than anything, it has been incredibly rewarding.

You've heard me say numerous times on this blog that I'm so thankful for my clients and grateful that I truly love my work. I feel so blessed to share so many incredible special life moments with so many families who have entrusted me and my amazing KOWE crew to be a part of their day. And as the years go on, we often run into other KOWE alumni at weddings and I LOVE IT! Lots of KOWE (and Elario) alumni in the photo below!

 Crooked Lake House Wedding Photos59

We ran into Julie & Chad in Newport, RI at Erin and Matt's wedding!  Erin was Julie's Maid of Honor so we were thrilled to be a part of their celebration and get to catch up with a favorite KOWE couple!

IMG 0958

So much has happened over the past five years. I opened my storefront in Troy; I went on a lot of first dates that finally led me to the love of my life; and I have watched my clients go from giddy brides and grooms to new parents.In addition to their weddings, I've been invited to baby showers; and I watch as their own families go from two to three…four, and more! Fun fact: Dominick and Carolyn were the FIRST KOWE couple and now they have two gorgeous daughters!  I am grateful to be able to watch all these beautiful families grow and thank goodness for Facebook so I can keep up on all the cuteness!

Albany Newborn Photos03

This special group of individuals is known as KOWE Alumni (#kowealumni for you IG'ers!) Ever year we graduate a new class and I sincerely look forward to watching as the lives of my clients unfold!  It is truly the most important and meanigful part of what we do.  We build relationships, we have fun and we make memories to last a lifetime.

 Are you a KOWE alumni? Say hi in the comments and let us know your favorite part of being a KOWE couple!

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Fun and Sparkly Gift Ideas

Looking for a new and creative idea to surprise your fiance on the big day? We here at KOWE headquarters have been keeping an eye out just for you. Here are some of the most fun and unique gift ideas that we have found.


Illustrative Moments

Surprise your bride by sending in photos and getting a custom illustrated print mailed back.  This is one of my most favorite, thoughtful and creative gift ideas for your bride!  (photo cred: – and we highly suggest you check out the site.)




Garter Belts

If you are going to partake in the garter-toss tradition, you can surprise your brand new spouse by having their favorite team around your leg. Giants fans? This gem is up for sale on etsy!


 New York Giants Inspired Wedding Garter Set 0B597305


Another fun garter idea comes to us from – check out this super fun and super sparkly piece!





Want to top the wedding cake with something fun and untraditional? You can get a custom bobblehead made at Definitely unique, and a fun way to reflect something special about just the two of you.


Bobblehead Standing On Grass Carrying The Bride 


These are just a few fun ways to let your new husband or wife know that you care! We would love to hear some of your ideas. What gift did you surprise your newlywed with on your wedding day??


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The Katie O' Wedding Dress

As I sit here watching “Say Yes to the Dress,” (it is my favorite wedding show!) I can’t help but compare their experience to my own. Who could want this type of drama on the day they find their wedding dress?? Certainly, some of the drama on behalf of the guests at those appointments can be attributed to good ole show biz (and by the way… drama is an understatement!! these people can be ridiculous). I just saw a bride have absurd opinions being thrown at her like baseballs at a dunk tank at the county fair – and I thank my lucky stars that my experience was nothing like that!

When I was in the middle of planning my wedding, you may remember me saying that trying on my dress was the first time I really and truly felt like a bride. I hold onto the memory of that feeling and cherish it just as much as I cherish the memory of my actual wedding day. And I could not, and would not have had that amazing feeling if it hadn’t been for the wonderful and amazing staff at Angela’s Bridal.

From the moment I walked in the door, I felt at ease and so welcomed by the team. Jessica pulled a few samples for me, and I was so glad I had trusted her to. My first visit I tried on so many different styles to be able to really feel like I was picking the best silhouette for my body type. I really believed that I would be wearing a traditional, princess-like ball gown and I was pleasantly surprised by the stunning mermaid style Lazaro I ended up in. I only had to try on about 8-10 dresses, and I knew that I had found my match.

IMG 9031

I felt amazing, alluring and confident. It was the perfect mix of sparkle and tradition but with just the right amount of “non-tradition.” Janet and her team were simply amazing to work with from start to finish. I loved working with Janet for the alterations, selecting my bustle and making certain that every last detail was perfect. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I loved every minute!

IMG 9034

I wanted to write this blog to thank everyone at Angela’s who helped me find the most important dress of my life.

My top 3 tips I learned as a bride shopping for her wedding gown:

1)   Keep your shopping crew small! I started with only 3 “helpers” on my first visit and was so grateful for this!

2)   Trust that the sales associate knows what will look best on your body type.

3)   Say “YES!” to the dress that you immediately feel like you don't want to take off.  It should make you feel your best!

Here is one of my favorite photos of that seriously awesome piece of fabric with the amazing Angela's Bridal team!


With Janet And Jess


Share some of your favorite gown-hunting stories here!


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Trends We Love: Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses!

If you've attended a wedding recently, you may have noticed that many brides are giving their maids more freedom with respect to their attire. Personally, it's a trend I love and even embraced for my own wedding back in March.

Now, of course there is still a spot for tradition and brides who want every bridesmaid to be dressed exactly alike…and this still works. It's the go-to and it's classic and, arguably, will never go out of style.

It's been interesting to see this trend evolve over the years. It began a few years ago, as far back as 2010, when I had brides who would pick a dress company and a color–the dresses would be a perfect color match as the fabric was from the same dye lot, but the style of the dresses varied.

Hall Of Springs Wedding Photos251

And then there are the brides who pick a color family and tell their bridesmaids to pick a dress they're comfortable with (I love this image via Green Wedding Shoes)…

 New Orleans Wedding 09

Lastly, there are bridesmaids dresses from a similar color family, but with some extra oompf. Or, in my case, sparkle! This is the group I love and found myself and a favortie KOWE bride Jenni in this year.

Fasig Tipton Wedding Photos20

I love this trend because it really allows the bridesmaids to express themselves in a fun way and they're also choosing a dress that they are legitimately comfortable in and within a price range they're comfortable with, too. It's a win, win.

Some brides (or maids) may worry that one of the attendants will go rogue and pick something really horrific. I would say this is more the exception than the rule, but if you're worried about the fashion choices of one of your bridesmaids, ask them to text you a photo of the dress first to make sure you, as the bride, are OK with it. Again, this will likely not be an issue, but it gives the bride some semblance of control if you're concerned.

Hall Of Springs Wedding Photos121

How do you feel about this trend? Is it something you've noticed, too? Would you chose it? Let me know in the comments!

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