Hey there friends and sparklers! My how we have missed you over the last month. During our brief hiatus from blogging land, the KOWE team has helped six couples tie the knot (I hope you understand now why we haven’t been so present in the social networking world)!

Having been through so many weddings, there are always a couple of people at every wedding that stand out to me. These people don’t always get recognized like they should; they are hard-working, loyal, and tend to be the life of some pretty great parties. That’s right folks – we’re talking about our wonderful and ever sacrificing Maid/Matron of Honor and the Best Man!

First and foremost, the job of these brave men and women is that they must stand witness to the ceremony. This means that they have to actually pay attention (or pretend to) during the ceremony, and then sign that cute little piece of paper provided by the state, recognizing the couple as being wed in holy matrimony.  

Secondly, there’s that pesky little speech. For those of us that did not major in Communications and didn’t get an entire semester of just practicing public speaking, this task is not just a little daunting; it can be downright terrifying! Here's a list of do’s and don’ts for the wedding day toast:

– Do: make sure to say how happy you are that the two are getting married

– Do: share a memory or two, and a hope for the future of the happy couple

– Do: take a moment to recognize some key players (often the parents, other siblings, other bridal party members) in the couple’s lives)

– Do: incorporate a little humor into a heartfelt speech (the whole thing shouldn’t be funny, just part of it, and only use humor if you are comfortable doing so)

– Don’t: be too long winded (even four minutes is on the long side– here’s a tip; if your speech starts with “Back in the year ___,” your speech is going to be too long)

– Don’t: share any embarrassing stories (unless the bride and/or groom OK it first)

– Don’t: EVER bring up past relationships of the bride and/or groom

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For the brides and grooms out there who have a sibling or other loved one who has taken of the role of standing next to them on their wedding day, here are a few tips on how to keep yourselves happy:

– If your maid of honor or best man is not comfortable making a speech at the wedding, offer to have them speak at the rehearsal dinner instead.  You could also have them speak together at the reception if they are more comfortable with that.

– If you have someone speaking at your wedding and you are concerned about any topics that they may bring up, talk to them first!  Also, maybe show them this blog (teehee).  

Norah Moh

The best speeches that I’ve heard over the years are the most heartfelt, with a little humor in them.  Some of my favorite lines from last season are:

“Did you ever think ten years ago that we’d ever have girlfriends – let alone wives?!” – Best Man Speech, May 2013

“Let’s be serious, she’s lucky I’m in this damn dress.” – Maid of Honor Speech, November 2013

What are your favorite and/or most memorable toasts from a wedding? Let me know in the comments!

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