As you can imagine, I've planned, witnessed, and been a part of a lot of weddings. I feel I can say, with complete confidence, that there's no such thing as a unique wedding.

Part of my job is devoting time to reading wedding blogs and keeping up with the latest trends in wedding and event design. And while trends come and go, the core theme of weddings stay the same; ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, drinking, and dancing. And here's the thing–that's good and it's more than OK!

I have couples telling me all the time that they want their weddings to be memorable, unique, and different. There are ways to achieve all of these things without choosing an abstract or difficult to reach venue location; or printing your invites with glow in the dark ink (note: the latter has never happened…so far).

Many times I try and remind the couple that even if they have been a guest at or been a bridal attendant in 5 weddings that year that no matter what their wedding is going to be unique because it is about THEM and THEIR love story. (so you can spend less time on pinterest and more time enjoying the planning) It isn't the exact shade of pink or the late-night station that makes the wedding- it is the couple, the people and the love.  Those are all great touches but don't lose sight of the real reason you are there!

Unusual Wedding Themes1

(Image above via TB Dress)

What I always try to make couples realize is that if you spend a lot of time making sure your wedding stands out you may overlook the really important things –like food; drinks; comfort for you and your guests, etc. and then the wedding will be really memorable, but for all the wrong reasons.

In my opinion, people attend weddings to eat, drink, dance, and have a good time. As the hosts and guests of honor, brides, grooms, and their families should be overtly aware of making sure that invited guests are taken care of first and foremost.

There are plenty of ways to insert your personality at a wedding. Nate and I carried the sparkle theme throughout our wedding–subtlety is a good approach. Just don't go above and beyond to the point where the basics aren't covered. A guest won't remember your unique location if there wasn't enough food for everyone; they'll remember the lack of food.

What are your thoughts on “unique” weddings? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling–