The funny thing about this post is that it was originally drafted back in May…yup… as in almost 2 months ago.  If this is any indication as to how busy our season has been I don't know what is. So I still wanted to share it now that I have a second to pay attention to getting blog posts up.

I had an awesome Memorial Day weekend!  I spent time with family and friends and I enjoyed an entire three-day weekend off. I didn't plan this and I'm certainly not opposed to working on a holiday weekend, but I was fortunate enough not have anything booked, so I savored it. I basked in it–weekends like this are truly a gift to me.

Over the weekend I began to think about how different this season has been already; we're busier than ever and I'm so thankful for that. But in addition to having more weddings and events than ever before, the biggest change is that I'm now a wife.

Savannah Engagement Photos 07

It's funny to me that in so many ways marriage changes everything but, in other ways, it feels like nothing has changed. Our relationship is pretty much the same, but now I have so many other obligations that I am responsible for. It's not just me anymore. I hope this doesn't sound like I'm complaining, because I'm not. If anything, I'm still trying to strike that balance between work, family, and me time. It can be tough.

I try so hard to get my work done at the office and keep home and work life separate. Despite my efforts, I spend far too many evenings working on the couch while hanging out with Nate. It's not exactly quality time. Sundays have become our sacred day. Many of my “vendor friends” can definitely relate to “Sunday Funday.”  For many of us, it is our only true “day off” from May through December!  I treasure this day. I love this day.  Sunday is typically filled with sleeping in a little bit, church and brunch or seeing friends, enjoying a few cold beverages and NOT replying to email.  It is really one of the best days and unless you work weekends I am not sure you can truly appreciate just how FUN and Sunday can be! This week (and it is only Tuesday) has already kicked my butt- we have 2 HUGE weddings this weekend to coordinate AND I am actually going to be a guest at a wedding on Saturday (more on this adventure later) so to say I am looking forward to Sunday is an understatment.  I can already taste the cold summer drink hit my lips, feel the laughter that I know will ensue from a few round of Cards Against Humanity with friends and just relaxing- Sunday I see you… I am coming for you… and can't wait!!

Sunday Funday


When I started KOWE nearly five years ago now I knew that there would be struggles–peaks and valleys–but I'm still working on that balance as business owner; friend; daughter; sister; CEO of sparkle; and now wife. Perhaps this is just a huge aspect of life–everyone's life. Finding balance and finding the strength to say no to some things and some people and making time for what matters most and what makes me happy.

What is your favorite part of your “Sunday Funday?”


Keep sparkling–