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Unique Weddings: the Idea vs. the Reality

As you can imagine, I've planned, witnessed, and been a part of a lot of weddings. I feel I can say, with complete confidence, that there's no such thing as a unique wedding.

Part of my job is devoting time to reading wedding blogs and keeping up with the latest trends in wedding and event design. And while trends come and go, the core theme of weddings stay the same; ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, drinking, and dancing. And here's the thing–that's good and it's more than OK!

I have couples telling me all the time that they want their weddings to be memorable, unique, and different. There are ways to achieve all of these things without choosing an abstract or difficult to reach venue location; or printing your invites with glow in the dark ink (note: the latter has never happened…so far).

Many times I try and remind the couple that even if they have been a guest at or been a bridal attendant in 5 weddings that year that no matter what their wedding is going to be unique because it is about THEM and THEIR love story. (so you can spend less time on pinterest and more time enjoying the planning) It isn't the exact shade of pink or the late-night station that makes the wedding- it is the couple, the people and the love.  Those are all great touches but don't lose sight of the real reason you are there!

Unusual Wedding Themes1

(Image above via TB Dress)

What I always try to make couples realize is that if you spend a lot of time making sure your wedding stands out you may overlook the really important things –like food; drinks; comfort for you and your guests, etc. and then the wedding will be really memorable, but for all the wrong reasons.

In my opinion, people attend weddings to eat, drink, dance, and have a good time. As the hosts and guests of honor, brides, grooms, and their families should be overtly aware of making sure that invited guests are taken care of first and foremost.

There are plenty of ways to insert your personality at a wedding. Nate and I carried the sparkle theme throughout our wedding–subtlety is a good approach. Just don't go above and beyond to the point where the basics aren't covered. A guest won't remember your unique location if there wasn't enough food for everyone; they'll remember the lack of food.

What are your thoughts on “unique” weddings? Let me know in the comments!

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Katie O' Got Married: Work / Life / Wife Balance

The funny thing about this post is that it was originally drafted back in May…yup… as in almost 2 months ago.  If this is any indication as to how busy our season has been I don't know what is. So I still wanted to share it now that I have a second to pay attention to getting blog posts up.

I had an awesome Memorial Day weekend!  I spent time with family and friends and I enjoyed an entire three-day weekend off. I didn't plan this and I'm certainly not opposed to working on a holiday weekend, but I was fortunate enough not have anything booked, so I savored it. I basked in it–weekends like this are truly a gift to me.

Over the weekend I began to think about how different this season has been already; we're busier than ever and I'm so thankful for that. But in addition to having more weddings and events than ever before, the biggest change is that I'm now a wife.

Savannah Engagement Photos 07

It's funny to me that in so many ways marriage changes everything but, in other ways, it feels like nothing has changed. Our relationship is pretty much the same, but now I have so many other obligations that I am responsible for. It's not just me anymore. I hope this doesn't sound like I'm complaining, because I'm not. If anything, I'm still trying to strike that balance between work, family, and me time. It can be tough.

I try so hard to get my work done at the office and keep home and work life separate. Despite my efforts, I spend far too many evenings working on the couch while hanging out with Nate. It's not exactly quality time. Sundays have become our sacred day. Many of my “vendor friends” can definitely relate to “Sunday Funday.”  For many of us, it is our only true “day off” from May through December!  I treasure this day. I love this day.  Sunday is typically filled with sleeping in a little bit, church and brunch or seeing friends, enjoying a few cold beverages and NOT replying to email.  It is really one of the best days and unless you work weekends I am not sure you can truly appreciate just how FUN and Sunday can be! This week (and it is only Tuesday) has already kicked my butt- we have 2 HUGE weddings this weekend to coordinate AND I am actually going to be a guest at a wedding on Saturday (more on this adventure later) so to say I am looking forward to Sunday is an understatment.  I can already taste the cold summer drink hit my lips, feel the laughter that I know will ensue from a few round of Cards Against Humanity with friends and just relaxing- Sunday I see you… I am coming for you… and can't wait!!

Sunday Funday


When I started KOWE nearly five years ago now I knew that there would be struggles–peaks and valleys–but I'm still working on that balance as business owner; friend; daughter; sister; CEO of sparkle; and now wife. Perhaps this is just a huge aspect of life–everyone's life. Finding balance and finding the strength to say no to some things and some people and making time for what matters most and what makes me happy.

What is your favorite part of your “Sunday Funday?”


Keep sparkling–

Vendor Spotlight: Strut Spalontique

First and foremost, I apologize for slacking on my blogging! It's been a while (nearly a month–eek!) since I last posted. Needless to say, we are in the swing of things for the 2014 wedding season!

I've been meaning to write a vendor spotlight about my ladies at Strut Spalontique for some time now. They're amazing! I've been a client (and a friend) of many who work there for years and I'm so proud of the unique services and environment they have created.

For those who don't know, Strut is a spa, salon, and boutique–hence the name, “spa-lon-tique” conveniently located in Colonie–just off of Wolf Road.

Strut offers everything from massages, to facials, waxing, manis & pedis plus the famous Bray Brows (more on that later), hairystyling–cut, color, updos–talk about one stop shopping! AND a there's a fashion boutique with amazing accessories that's on-point with all the latest trends in the same space.

Owners Kaitlin Bray and Randi Poillon and their crew of beauty and style experts are at the ready to help you look your best; whether it's for a big day or the everyday, Strut is there to help you shine. Katilin had me on a very regimented brow schedule prior to my March wedding–the Bray Brows are (or should be) patented! And Randi has helped me reinvent my closet with clothing items I already own and shop for some of the biggest events in my life. Trust me, you want these ladies in your corner.

In addition to their salon / spa / boutique services, Strut is also available to bring their beauty experitse on the road for weddings and special events. In fact, the Katie O' Weddings and Events team just paired up with them for Katie and Jon's Hall of Springs wedding. Check out how GORGEOUS Katie and her ladies were on her wedding day!!! Seriously, incredible.

Hall Of Springs Wedding Photos281

Hall Of Springs Wedding Photos261 For more information on Strut, check out their website–new clients recieve 20% off! Tell them Katie O' sent you!

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