Less is more–that's how the saying goes, right? And, for some brides, it's even true for wedding gowns! We've started to get into the thick of wedding season here at Katie O' Weddings and Events and we were inspired by one of our recent brides for this post!

More often than not, wedding gowns are really over-the-top. And I totally understand and appreciate why some brides gravitate to that look; I mean, most of us are only going to get married once and you want to really do it up.

But, as you know, there are a million options when it comes to everything these days and this is especially true of wedding gowns. I know aspects of the dress shopping experience made my head spin because there were just so many choices–how I agreed to only one is incredible!

Even with a slew of choices, some brides take a more discerning approach; simple, yet elegant. And that's what we're highlighting today…

First up, from Brooklyn based (but with strong ties to Albany) photographer, Amanda Gentile of ADG Photography, this photo of Noelle in her Nicole Miller gown (and husband, Nate).

IMG 0284

Second, our inspiration for this post, KOWE and Elario Photography bride, Emily (and Craig, too) in her bespoke Narciso Rodriguez gown!

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos19

Last, 2011 KOWE / Elario bride Natalia killed it with her mermaid gown with just a hint of lace at the bottom. Loved it.

Nataliacarlos 0346 Edit

Did you go for an elaborate gown, a simple gown, or something in between? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling–