Having just gone through my own wedding planning process and having planned so many weddings for other couples, I can attest to the number of decisions that a couple must make in preparation for their big day. So many choices! Wedding attire is obviously a big deal (and I've written about it at length here on the blog). But when it comes to the younger members of your bridal party, how do you dress them? For the little men, it's easy enough to rent a suit or tux; but the parents of the young ladies typically find the need to buy a dress.

I've had many brides tell me that they either buy a dress deeply reduced (that they don't love) or try to plan ahead and pick something out around Easter time when many white dresses are in stores. But this isn't always an option and many parents don't want to buy a dress their daughter will likely wear one time and subsequently end up in the “playing dress up” chest.

A solution to this dilemma can be found at Flower Girl Closet. I recently heard about this ingenious idea and I am sharing it with all of my brides! The Flower Girl Closet is an online “boutique” that rents flower girl dresses. The Closet is the brainchild of owner Jessica Marcy, a mom of two girls, who were recenty asked to be in weddings. Jessica was hesitant to purchase a big dress that would take up room in the closet. (We all know how closet space is so important!) So Jessica teamed up with dressmaker Carolyn Fuller King who, working in her studio in Delmar, NY, designs and makes all of the dresses. 

The dresses come in classic styles and standard kid sizes. The prices range from $65 to $95 and shipping is included both ways! All  dresses are made of materials that will clean up well and dry clean easily, too (so don't worry if that chocolate cake or butter gets on to dress). Jessica recommends renting at least three weeks in advance of your wedding (especially in the Fall)!

Check out some of the adorable dresses available for rent from the Flower Girl Closet below and on their website!

The Mary GalleryThe Polly Gallery

Belle For Web Album Lead InThe Lucille Gallery

So cute! How did you / will you dress your flower girl? Would you rent a dress? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling–