As the months turned into weeks and we got closer and closer to our wedding date, so many people told me that going back to work after my wedding would be one of the most difficult things to do. I assumed they were right; that Nate and I would be in a post-wedding funk after so many months of build up. As our wedding day neared, I did my best to not think about it. I wanted to be in the moment and just enjoy every aspect of our wedding weekend.

Then it happened–it all happened! And we had an amazing wedding and honeymoon and, even though we added an extra day to our honeymoon, we had to face reality and get back to “real life.” A few of my wedding vendor friends also prepared me for what it would be like to work my first wedding after my own–they said it may feel weird and that I could feel sad that my own wedding had come and gone. It really goes by in a flash when you're the bride and groom!

Thing is, I wasn't dreading getting back into the swing of things. I was obviously going to miss my husband (OMG, so fun to write that) since we were able to spend so much quality time together! But I was actually really excited to get back to work and my clients. With every phone call or situation I handled last week I was invigorated.

Then I found myself ridiculously excited for my first wedding as Katie O. Maloney. I couldn't wait for Friday, March 28th! I had such a different perspective on the day having now been a bride. I was amazed how much more giddy I was for my bride and groom–I was seriously beyond excited for them (in a calm and collected way, obviously).  I am able to relate in a way that I never have been able to before and I loved it!

I've witnessed hundreds of couples say “I do” and walk down that aisle. I never imagined how much it would change my perspective on the actual wedding day, though!

Funny as it sounds, I think planning our wedding and becoming a “Mrs.” has made me fall in love with my job a little bit more. It's a great feeling and a terrific way to start the wedding season.

Congrats again to Brooke and Mark (see their awesome teaser image below)!

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Keep sparkling–