I wanted to take a quick moment to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE--our familes, friends, vendors, blog followers, business friends, EVERYONE! Your well wishes over the past few days have meant the world to us–we had the most incredible day on Friday and I wanted to share just a few images with you, then it's back to the honeymoon!

I did a Bridal Portrait session with JP Elario a few days before our wedding…this is more of sourthern tradition (you may remember me mentioning it back in this blog post from last year). It was a blast and I'm so happy we have these images–and Nate loves them!

Katie O Wedding 007

And, of course, the Elario teaser image–lots of Facebook love for this post! We can't wait to see the rest! Stay tuned for JP's blog post later on this week!

Katie O Wedding 011

Back to the honeymoon…

Keep sparkling–