Hello to all of my amazing and loyal blog readers!  Well, it is officially wedding week over here and Nate and I are BEYOND excited that it has finally arrived! I wanted to share as many real and honest feelings this week as we get closer and closer to the big day.
So, I will start by saying some of the posts you read might not be the most highly edited and perfectly planned…but they will be honest.
It is Monday afternoon around 3:00pm and I just turned my out of office on and I am feeling VERY comfortable and caught up on all my client work so I can confidently “turn off” the Katie “planner” and focus on Katie “the bride to be.” Trust me, the latter does come in waves, but when it does I get really excited!  
One of the questions I get asked most frequently as I move forward to becoming a “Mrs,” is “so how are you going to still be Katie O' if you are going to be “Katie Maloney” when you get married?
Omalley Crest
It is weird, I have to admit, when sometimes I enjoy just being “Katie” and not “Katie O'”  It is not that I don't LOVE being a wedding planner and owning my own business, it is more that I enjoy that I can just be the “bride” as Katie.
I have never doubted that no matter what my married name would be, I would take it as my own. I am proud to be marrying Nate and into a family with a name that means unconditional love, faith, support, integrity, and honor.  
Maloney Large
In order to always be “Katie O,” I have decided that I will move my maiden name to my middle name and officially become…Katie O'Malley Maloney. I am beyond excited to become Katie Maloney on Friday and look forward to so many years of happiness as a “Mr & Mrs!”
Stay tuned for more wedding week musings as we make our way through this VERY exciting week…


Keep sparkling–