Here we are…10 days–TEN— away from our wedding day. I can't believe it. I'm an absolute jumble of joy; anticipation; excitement; nerves; nostalgia; and everything in between. But I wanted to share a little bit of what we've been up to in these last few weeks. To put it in the simplest terms–meetings. Lots and lots of meetings! And it's not as if I don't know that this happens before a wedding because I usually attend these meetings, but it feels so different now that these meetings are for me! 

First–the rehearsal dinner! You know how much I love Yono's and dp--so, of course, this would be our choice for the rehearsal dinner. When I celebrated my thirtieth birthday, I went to Yono's; when I launched my business, their food was amazing; when Nate planned an intimate dinner for two the evening of our engagement (which turned into a sparkly celebration for 70!) we went to dp.  

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We're serving only truffle popcorn! Hah–just kidding, even though it is one of my most favorite items, our menu will include all our favorite menu items. Yono, Donna, and Dominick have been awesome (as I knew they would be) and we are so looking forward to sharing this amazing food and some special time with close family and friends before the “Big Day”.

Secondly, we've met with not one, but two of the area's most professional floral designers. On Thai of Surroundings Floral Design will be doing the overall decor for our rehearsal dinner and Kris Ann Elario of Fleurtacious Designs is creating the look for our wedding. We've featured both Surroundings AND Fleurtacious Designs here on the KOWE blog and we're excited to have such talented visionaries working on our wedding!

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Attire–both Nate and I have been attending a lot of fittings lately! I'm so incredibly excited about my gownJanet Cooper and the staff from Angela's Bridal have been amazing every step of the way. I get excited every time I turn down State St. in Albany! (Photo of me from last summer)

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In addition to his tux from Tuxego, Nate and I headed over to Mark Thomas Men's Apparel recently to outfit him for our rehearsal dinner. Nate's going to look sharp, I tell you!

And, for me, there will be a visit a few days before the wedding to my friends at Island Mist Tanning. I have a pretty fair complexion, but I want a little bit of glow for the wedding. I love Island Mist because it is the areas only organic and alcohol-free airbrush tanning salon!

I have so much more to share, but I want to keep some things a surprise until after the big day. Soon I will be sharing with you all of the elements that have come together to make our wedding celebration so special!

Keep sparkling–