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Seeing Things in a Whole New Light…

As the months turned into weeks and we got closer and closer to our wedding date, so many people told me that going back to work after my wedding would be one of the most difficult things to do. I assumed they were right; that Nate and I would be in a post-wedding funk after so many months of build up. As our wedding day neared, I did my best to not think about it. I wanted to be in the moment and just enjoy every aspect of our wedding weekend.

Then it happened–it all happened! And we had an amazing wedding and honeymoon and, even though we added an extra day to our honeymoon, we had to face reality and get back to “real life.” A few of my wedding vendor friends also prepared me for what it would be like to work my first wedding after my own–they said it may feel weird and that I could feel sad that my own wedding had come and gone. It really goes by in a flash when you're the bride and groom!

Thing is, I wasn't dreading getting back into the swing of things. I was obviously going to miss my husband (OMG, so fun to write that) since we were able to spend so much quality time together! But I was actually really excited to get back to work and my clients. With every phone call or situation I handled last week I was invigorated.

Then I found myself ridiculously excited for my first wedding as Katie O. Maloney. I couldn't wait for Friday, March 28th! I had such a different perspective on the day having now been a bride. I was amazed how much more giddy I was for my bride and groom–I was seriously beyond excited for them (in a calm and collected way, obviously).  I am able to relate in a way that I never have been able to before and I loved it!

I've witnessed hundreds of couples say “I do” and walk down that aisle. I never imagined how much it would change my perspective on the actual wedding day, though!

Funny as it sounds, I think planning our wedding and becoming a “Mrs.” has made me fall in love with my job a little bit more. It's a great feeling and a terrific way to start the wedding season.

Congrats again to Brooke and Mark (see their awesome teaser image below)!

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Keep sparkling–

Katie O' Got Married: Honeymooning…

I wanted to take a quick moment to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE--our familes, friends, vendors, blog followers, business friends, EVERYONE! Your well wishes over the past few days have meant the world to us–we had the most incredible day on Friday and I wanted to share just a few images with you, then it's back to the honeymoon!

I did a Bridal Portrait session with JP Elario a few days before our wedding…this is more of sourthern tradition (you may remember me mentioning it back in this blog post from last year). It was a blast and I'm so happy we have these images–and Nate loves them!

Katie O Wedding 007

And, of course, the Elario teaser image–lots of Facebook love for this post! We can't wait to see the rest! Stay tuned for JP's blog post later on this week!

Katie O Wedding 011

Back to the honeymoon…

Keep sparkling–

Katie O' Gets Married: Who Plans the Planner's Wedding?

Here we are on “wedding eve” and we are beyond excited and can't wait to get the celebration underway.  I wanted to share a post today addressing one of the other most commonly asked questions surrounding our big day. It is certainly the question I was asked the most….”So, who is planning your wedding?”  To which I always replied “Nate and I are doing the planning, but we are having someone there to coordinate the day because I want to experience the same feeling I provide my brides on their wedding day.”  I always knew I would have a wedding coordinator so that when I wake up tomorrow I will not have a single worry! I am lucky to have the most amazing team of vendors who have come together to make this entire process both fun and exciting!

Our Wedding Coordinator is Laura Remmert (or as I call her Lil Red!)  You see, I have known Laura since she was just a “little Red” and I was affectionately known as “Big Red.” I was extremely fortunate to have Laura as an intern when I worked at the City of Albany Office of Special Events many years ago.  It was her first real experience in the event world and after her internship was over I knew she had discovered her passion.  After completing her internship and graduating from college she was looking for a full-time job and I was able to work with her again during my time as Sales and Marketing Executive at Classe Catering.  Laura was amazing, but obviously looking for something more and itching to get out of her hometown and head to the big city.  I was thrilled that she made the leap and headed down to NYC for a wonderful event industry opportunity.  Over the years, we have kept in touch.  One of my favorite moments was when she called me a couple years back and said “So I am thinking of starting my own event planning firm and I wanted to see what you think!?”  I immediately cheered “Yes!” you should do it!!!  I loved this moment because about 2-3 years prior I made the very same call to my amazing internship mentor Susan Hyatt and heard the same response.

Laura Remmert Events was then born and very soon after Laura the planner became Laura the bride to be! Last year I was honored to be a part of her very special day when she got married.  So when Katie the planner became Katie the bride I immediately called Laura to make sure she had the date open!  So, starting tonight when we show up at the church for rehearsal we officially become the bride and groom and turn over the detail responsibility to the amazing team we have assembled.  Assisting Laura will be two amazing coordinators who also work with KOWE, Kate and Betsy will be on site all day as well to make the sparkle happen!

 Love this image from “lil Red's” wedding day!  It was so much fun being a part of her day.Laugh Laugh

 I feel truly blessed to be able to turn over every last detail of our wedding day to someone I trust completely, know has the same standard and level of dedication to her profession and clients as I do.  After the final meeting yesterday with the ultimately professional Mazzone team and Laura, Nate and I left feeling like we were walking on air.  This will be my very last post on the blog related to the wedding until after the wedding. We will share a few photos here and there, but mostly we just want to present with the poeple who are here to celebrate.  We want to take a minute to thank all of you for your love, support, beautiful emails, texts, and Facebook messages.  Nate and I have felt so blessed to be surrounded by such positive energy, sparkle and support.  We are so looking forward to the next few days and being surrounded by all the people we love most in this world.

P.S. A little birdie told me there might be something sparkly and fun to see over on this Facebook page around 4:30pm tomorrow.

Many thanks again and all our love & sparkle,

Katie O' & Nate

Katie O' Wedding Week Musings: Breaking down the "Ugly Cry"

This week is emotional. Things have been affecting me on a whole different level. I have received emails, texts , Facebook messages and even flowers being delivered, each of these have had the capacity to bring it on. It is that very special cry, it is not pretty, it is not sweet, it is…the “UGLY Cry.”  Actually I have pretty much mastered both versions of it. They are as follows: “the sneak attack” and “the slow build.”  As of late I have experienced the sneak attack – basically the going from a shiny happy gal to ugliest of crying.
 Seeing this post first thing in the morning, for example, when I opened up my Facebook 
and found this post from my Aunt:  


FB Post


I love this quote, I love my Aunt and I love that she shared it with me.  And because it is wedding week, a wildly emotional and life changing week this hit me in a way that instantaneously brought on the tears- the “sneak attack” in its purest form.

 The slow build is one that I am certain will show it's ugly little face during speeches from our loved ones at rehearsal and wedding day. This is the one where for example you are watching a movie (like the Stepmom) and in the scene with Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts when they are sitting across from one another having a touching conversation at dinner about Susan's character's imminent death and then BAM she brings out the seeing her daughter on the wedding day…not familiar? It goes a little bit like this: Isabel (Julia's character): “Look down the road to her wedding. I'm in a room alone with her, fixing her veil, fluffing her dress, telling her no woman has ever looked so beautiful. And my fear is she'll think, “I wish my mom were here.” Jackie (Susan's character): “And my fear is… she won't.”
 This gets me.  EVERY. TIME.  Heaving, blubbering mess of a cry.

No Ugly Crying Bridesmaid Handkerchiefs Set Of 5 1382716901 

I also must share another example of the “slow build” that I am certain might happen to some of my own loved ones on wedding day.  A few years back, I was coordinating a wedding for a beautiful family.  My bride told me during planning meetings that she was going to “surprise” her father with their dance song.  I thought this was a great idea and I was beyond excited to see how he reacted when the took the dance floor.  When the day arrived, I was standing alongside the dance floor, where I typically do, as I truly love these moments on wedding day.  I started off just fine, laughing and smiling and getting excited to see her father realize the song and start dancing. Then as the music played on and the moments passed, I
 witnessed such pure love, joy and pride in his beautiful daughter that it
hit me- I was at a wedding working and the ugly cry took over.  Thankfully my assistant looked at me, saw the mess that I was and said “pull yourself together!”  It was classic.  So what does this have to do with my wedding
day?  Well I am beyond excited to “borrow” this same idea and can't wait to surprise my father with our song Friday night!!

Lesson learned here is that crying is OK, feeling and emotions are OK….this is the week to feel all of these things and embrace it I guess. I just hope that JP doesn't catch too many shots where I look like a big 
hot mess! (this has “behind the scenes blog post all over it!)


Keep sparkling-

Katie O' (almost Maloney!)