At the end of Part 1 of this post Kelly and Craig were heading over to the Hall of Springs for their ceremony (if you haven't read Part 1, do it before reading any further)…to say this was one of the most dramatic and incredible backdrops for a wedding is an understatement! Kelly had such an amazing vision for her day and it was implemented flawlessly.

This is what guests saw when they entered the ceremony…I LOVE the custom logo that The Pink Orange created especially for Kelly and Craig!


And I love this shot of this flower girl holding the ceremony program, too.

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And then this view…


Married! (Worth noting: Craig's wearing red socks!)


Mr. and Mrs!


The details for this wedding were off the hook! Seriously, impeccable. And more escort card lovliness from The Pink Orange & Renaissance Floral Design!


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Kelly and Craig wanted their cocktail hour to be under the stars…but it was a little chilly in November, so we improvised. Clifton Park Rentals had the perfect tent for the evening!Zg Iycqc71pttyk1iays8yosrqxakgrouawbjy7ewli

Meanwhile, the inside of the Hall of Springs was looking amazing! Mazzone Hospitality does it again!

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One of the most clever moments of the day was right before Kelly & Craig were introduced as “Mr & Mrs” their fun bridal attendants “called the bride and groom (or pitcher) to the bullpen- or in this case the dance floor!”  

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 And they happily made their way out for their first dance as husband and wife!Breslow0168

Their first dance…

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The cake, made by Coccadotts, was situated just behind the sweetheart table…

 Giai9zcojaz2dcxds6 Id3lpe5ysskcmtxnbwxedzuAnd a sweet moment between Kelly and her Dad.

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I always try to get a photo with my clients on their wedding day–it's a nice memory for me after I've spent so much time getting to know and care for my clients.  Kelly and Craig are amazing people and truly believe in the power of doing good and giving back.  Stay tuned exciting news about an upcoming event for  Strike 3 Foundation that we will be assisting with! 

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Kelly and Craig requested a special, sparkly send off…and they came to the right place!  At first Kelly showed me an image of the exit that she wanted and she was pretty particular as to how she wanted it executed.  The amazing Jeff Alonzo of Alonzo fireworks helped me to create the perfect vision, timing and we truly had this planned down to the MINUTE. The KOWE team practiced coordinating this (for real) a few times before the actual wedding day and I'm glad we did! Here is the result!

All the guests made their way out the front of the Hall of Springs, the KOWE team was ther with sparklers and lighters to get everyone ready.  As soon as we were all lit, we brought Kelly and Craig out….


They made their way through the sparkly canopy and end of the line of guests when all of a sudden the firework cannons started shooting up from the darkness and their vintage car made it's way to whisk them away!



The back of their car was adorned with this awesome custom sign!

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I love this image of my superstar team from the end of the night!  You ladies are the BEST!


Amazing, right?! I'm still thrilled when I think about Kelly and Craig's wedding! And, because they are so amazing, Kelly and Craig sent this to me as a thank you gift–I love it! Photo 25

From the Kelly & Craig:  “Thank you to the Katie O' Wedding and Events team for their professionalism and for allowing Craig and I to relax and enjoy every minute of our wedding day without a single worry.”

 Hope you guys enjoyed this two part series! There was NO WAY I could have fit all this in one blog post–too much sparkle; too much awesome!

Thank you again to our incredible team of vendors, including: Servidone Studios, Make Me Fabulous, The Pink Orange, Cocoadotts, Clifton Park Rental, NuVue Cinema, Groove Authority, Alonzo Fireworks, Mazzone Hospitality, and Renaissance Floral Design.

Keep sparkling–