Kelly and Craig's wedding was one of the most rewarding events we've coordinated here at Katie O' Weddings and Events. Frequently, our clients are busy or from out of the area and need help planning and coordinating. Kelly and Craig were no different; but, in their case, the stakes were even higher! You see, Craig is a pitcher with the Boston Red Sox! So while the last few weeks before any wedding are really intense, (oh, how true this is for me right now!), their November wedding was even busier..because, you know, Craig was pitching in the WORLD SERIES. No big deal, right?! Hah!

Regardless of how the series turned out, we knew we were going to knock Kelly and Craig's wedding out of the park (sorry, that's the last gratuitous baseball reference…)! We had a great crew of vendors–Servidone Studios for photography, Make Me Fabulous on hair and makeup, and the Batcheller Mansion Inn to get ready–and, of course, the KOWE team was on the scene–and we were a real team that day–I had lots of extra hands on deck for the entire day. Like always, I could not have pulled it off without them!

When Kelly first contacted me it was one of those phone calls I will never forget.  We hit it off almost instantly and I could tell by her organization and overall confidence that we would work extremely well together.  The best part of the call was when she (very casually) mentioned that she was marrying a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. Now, clearly here in New York (Yankee / Mets country) this would not impress most, but I was born in Boston and raised on the Red Sox, so I tried to keep my cool when she dropped this bit of information on me. And by “cool” I mean I audibly gasped and said, “Oh wow–OK!”

Kelly is a very talented, smart, and savvy business woman. She had a good idea of what she wanted for the wedding and asked the KOWE team pull it all together so she and Craig could truly enjoy the day with their beautiful families. We had a lot of fun with assisting on some unique details and we are excited to share some of these with you. On to the details!

For the rehearsal dinner Kelly wanted to surprise Craig with a custom cake in the shape of the World Series trophy. However, keep in mind, this masterpiece could not be confirmed until the Red Sox actually won the series! Not that doubted my Sox, but as a contingency plan, I had the team at Coccadotts on deck with two cake designs. The World Series cake or an alternative if they didn't win big. One of the cutest and sweetest parts of this cake are the rookie and pre-Red Sox cards that Kelly secretly went online and bought to add to the base of the cake. So my first call after they won the series was to Coccadotts to confirm we could go ahead with the trophy cake! Yay!


Given that their wedding was in Saratoga they arranged to have a race named for them at the Saratoga raceway for their welcome party with out of town guests! Super cute.


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While Kelly was getting ready, a little lady was helping her break in her shoes…and she won “best flower girl” of the year from KOWE!

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Another FABULOUS bride! Alayne Curtiss and crew do it again!

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I love that Craig wore these amazing cufflinks.  Very appropriate, I'd say! Plus I love that they sparkle, of course! X9c7jespnsfeuhkcta18m3yqdurked Ugwz6 70Nbxg

Getting ready for their first look…the KOWE crew was on point, I tell you!  Now, this was also one of those clients who definitely was not sold on the idea of a first look. Overall, it took some mapping out of the timeline and determining the best use of time so that Kelly and Craig could have amazing photos and still be able to join all of their guests at cocktail hour. Whiie it wasn't an easy decision, in the end, the result is amazing, as you can see below. Kelly and Craig are very glad they chose to see each other before the ceremony.

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And the result! Ahh, how gorgeous?!

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I think we nailed it. So then we headed over to the iconic merry-go-round in Congress Park for some fun images…

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We then took some photos in and around the fabulous vintage car before heading over to the Hall of Springs for their ceremony…

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And that's where we'll leave off for Part 1 of this awesome behind-the-scenes post! Check back on Thursday for Part 2!

Keep sparkling–