To say I am a girl who is organized is somewhat of an understatement–I plan, schedule, make lists, and organize some more. I like itineraries; I like dates and times; staying the course…I guess it is good I'm a wedding / event planner and coordinator! But when it came to my bachelorette party, I was totally in the dark. I knew nothing except the day and time. Let me tell you, it was so much fun being surprised. I had an amazing time and was so overwhelmed by the care and attention that went into my weekend. Thank you again to the BEST lifemaids, friends, and family a girl could ask for. Now onto to the bachelorette…

When the Saturday of my bachelorette weekend arrived, I was picked up and promptly handed an itinerary that looked strangely familiar…because it was on Katie O' Weddings and Events letterhead! Too cute (and, yes, Megan spelled “February” wrong)!

Photo 20

Upon studying the itinerary, I learned that we were en route to New York City! Yay! I was super excited.

When we got into the city we headed to one of my new favorite spots…Drybar! Drybar is a salon that focuses soley on blowouts and styling…no haircuts or color! And you get to drink champagne too- it was fabulous.  I seldom take the time (and I mean time–it takes a while) to blow out my curly hair, so this was the perfect pampering for me. This was the before shot…

Photo 14


Next up we headed to a fun little place called The Mason Jar for lunch or just fried pickles.  These are one of my most favorite snacks and of course my lifemaids found a cute little pub that had great drinks and yummy fried pickles.  One of the highlights of the trip was this little jar I was handed as my “clue” to our next spot.

Photo 15

Inside this “mason jar” (I know, I know- they are so clever!) were some of my girlfriends favorite “LOL” or “Laugh Out Loud” memories they have shared with me.  What was so special about this, was that even some of my freinds who couldn't make the trip were able to be there in spirit as they shared stories with my lifemaids to include in the jar.  We spent lunch laughing and tellng funny stories and it was amazing.

Then we went some place that I was NOT anticpating…the Museum of Sex! The MOS has been open since 2002 and they do not claim to be the first museum of its kind! It was actually a really interesting place and they have a permanent collection of over 15,000 artifacts!

Photo 24

After the cultural component of the weekend was fufilled, we headed back to our hotel rooms. Where I found this amazing spread–OMG–O'Maloney t-shirts! There were also some lovely gifts (that will remain in the bags!) and some delicious cupcakes all the way from Cocoadots–adorable, right?

Photo 23

Photo 19

We donned our t-shirts, popped some bubbly, devoured some cupcakes, and started to play some games and open gifts. It was a blast. Photo 21

Photo 18

After a few hours it was time to get ready for dinner…I wasn't sure where we were headed, but I was going to look sparkly! Here's the whole crew before we had dinner! How awesome do we look?! Yay for mini top hats!

Photo 16

Dinner was at the delicious Mexican restaurant Rosa Mexicano (they made our guacamole tableside and did so with incredible speed)! Note how the menu says, “sparklefest!”

Photo 17

Then we headed out to the bars for some dancing and possible bull riding…and I was looking rather, um, bridal…I couldn't help but share this “quintessentiall” bachelorette photo below. I definitley felt like the bride this weekend!

Photo 22

I had an amazing weekend and so much fun! Thanks again to everyone who helped pull the weekend off without a hitch! Did you / will you have a bachelorette party or no? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling–