Nate and I have been crafting our reception menu since we first were engaged….I think the first question after “will you marry me” was “what are we going to serve?” Nate is a huge “foodie” and has had so many great culinary experiences through all his travels that we wanted a memorable feast for our guests. We wanted something that went beyond the “standard filet and lobster tail,” but also paid tribute to our Italian and Irish heritage, as well as a few of our favorite foods as a couple.

I knew we'd have a great time at our own tasting with Mazzone Hospitality at the Hall of Springs. I've attended many tastings with past KOWE couples and have enjoyed seeing my clients react to the food and get even more excited for their big day…I was so excited to see Nate react and what great treats Chefs Mark and Andy had in store for us. And, let's be real here, you get to try a lot of delicious food!

In our previous meetings with Mazzone we had been presented with dozens of suggestions for passed hors d'oeuvres, cocktail stations, first courses, second courses, and entrees, as well as dessert selection far beyond just wedding cake. Now was our chance to taste a wide variety of these selections after we indicated to the staff where our preferences lie.

When we arrived at HOS, Pam, our server, escorted us to a private room set up with a romantic table for two and a crackling fireplace. We were poured prosecco and what transpired next is nothing short of a culinary masterpiece…the food just kept coming and coming! While we're keeping the menu top secret, I can certainly say our guests will not be disappointed…we've got a few very cool surprises up our sleeves!  

Connie and the chefs checked in on us from time to time to explain what we were eating, how and why it was presented the way it was and to get our feedback. We liked almost everything they offered us over the course of two hours which made it harder when we made our final selections. After our decisions were made and we went through some of the details about the service, Mazzone sent us home with cake samples to try after we had digested a bit! What a great Sunday morning breakfast they made!

Photo 9 Tips for your own tasting:

1. Go hungry! We ate so much food we when into a true food coma when we got home.

2. Avoid tasting items you are familiar with and try some new and different flavors!

3. Just because you like one particular item doesn't mean you should eat more than one…you'll run out of room to taste more…remember, this is a marathon not a race!

4. Love grandma's meatballs or Aunt Sally's chocolate chip cookies? Ask the chef if there is a way these recipes can be incorporated in you menu. 

5. Ask questions, lots of questions…is this the plate your food will be served on? Could this be made with less dressing? Could we make this a vegetarian option? How will this dish be presented? After all, it's your day and the food and presentation should reflect your personality. No matter how talented the chefs are, if they serve something you don't like you're not going to be happy. Their goal is to keep you happy and create a menu that will reflect your style and tastes.

7. Understand when and how things will be served so you can take this in to account when putting together your timeline for the day.

6. Enjoy the tasting…you're going to be so excited and busy on your wedding day you might not get to taste everything that day. Now's your chance.

We can't share too many photos so we can keep our menu a surprise for our guests, but this cheese board was pretty amazing!

Photo 12

And we had so much extra food that Mazzone sent us home with lots of leftovers! Yes! Neddless to say, we've been eating well the past few days…

Photo 13

When did you do your tasting for your wedding? Is there any food either you or your partner MUST have at your wedding? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling–