Mangia! Sounds a little silly coming from an Irish girl, right? Well, that's how I feel whenever I enter any one of the amazing restaurants in the DZ Restaurants family! If you live in or visit Saratoga County (that's pretty much all of us here in the Capital Region, especially during track season), you've likely walked by or, if you're lucky, had the opportunity to dine in one of the four  restaurants owned and operated by David and Roslyn Zecchini.

To really help you understand the importance of this restaurant group in our area, I'm going to break it down by individual eatery…

Chianti: This restaurant is one of the staples of downtown Saratoga Springs. The menu is spirited with the authentic roots of Northern Italy; whether you're looking for a seafood pasta dish or slow roasted rabbit, Chianti is your place. The gracious interior is warm and welcoming and it's a great spot for a rehearsal dinner, too. Pictured below, the lovely bar area at Chianti.  This is one of my most favorite spots to enjoy their AMAZING antipasto and a glass of Cabernet with good friends.


Forno Bistro: Also located in Saratoga Springs, this is the place where you can take the whole family for a relaxed meal that also happens to be ridiculously delicious. The wood fired pizza is to die for and the oven is truly at the heart of this restaurant. Forno is known for its inviting atmosphere that is super family friendly. So bambinos welcome! The “Penne Toscane” is one of my favorite meals here (tube pasta, house made sausage, roasted eggplant in a crushed tomato sauce, with fresh basil and melted mozzarella–yum)! Another favorite spot is the beautiful covered patio with giant flowing drapery and copper fountains that can easily accommodate a rehearsal dinner. Below, wood fired pizza is just about ready!

Img 1331

Pasta Pane: DZ Restaurants decided to branch out and head south when they opened Pasta Pane in Clifton Park. In a town that has a wealth of chain restaurants, Pasta Pane brings some uniqueness to the dining landscape. The name Pasta Pane means, well, pasta and bread–and it's that simplicity that makes this classic Italian eatery standout among the crowd. Similar to Forno Bistro, Pasta Pane is family friendly and most dishes are centered around the wood fired oven. Dave worked with a local artist on the lighting fixtures for Pasta Pane (see below).

Img 1956

Boca Bistro: Last, but not least, is the newest member of the DZ restaurants family, Boca Bistro–a Spanish Bistro and Tapas (little plates) Bar. While the ethnicity of the food may be different, the quality and flavors at Boca Bistro are just as phenomenal. Located on Broadway in Saratoga Springs, Boca Bistro blends traditional and modern with both its menu and the design of the space. I love the exposed brick walls (see below)!

Photo 1 

Aside from the food, what I really love about all of the DZ Restaurants is the attention to detail in design of the spaces. You can really tell that owners David and Roslyn Zecchini took a lot of time and effort to curate a unique aesthetic for each of their restaurants. Arguably, the same can be said for their menus–they're well thought out and authentic.

If you haven't been to any of these amazing restaurants, go! Go now (or at least try one out the next time you're in Saratoga County)!

Keep sparkling–