Bridal bootcamp, shedding for the wedding, buff to bride…these are all things I've heard and read about over the last few months. As interesting and great as they sound, they're not exactly for me. I've been a runner for many years and really enjoy the quiet time that I have when I run. I try not to think about anything else and just focus on my breath and the road in front of me. 

I'm also super busy and my schedule is constantly changing–no two weeks are the same for me. So flexibility is key, which is why running is perfect. But, with the wedding coming up, I felt the need to incorporate some weight bearing exercises into my routine. I knew I needed something new before the big day to help me mentally- not just physically!

I had been hearing a lot about Barre–the ballet based fitness class that is a total body workout. Luckily, my cousin, Liz, happens to be a teacher and has arranged a special class for me and my bridesmaids (lifemaids) and friends. We've been going for a while now and we're not only having a great time, we're also getting quite the workout.

I think what amazes me most about Barre is how much of the class is tiny movements (but A LOT of them). These tiny leg pulses or arm lifts seem very innocent, but then they become really tiring! I was definitely fooled into thinking I could handle heavier weights my first class! And as much as I enjoy the solitude of running, I've found group classes to be so much fun.

Check out a few images of me and the Thursday night Barre crew (we were missing a few) during our workout! And, yes, my tank top says, “I Don't Sweat, I Sparkle!” (it was gifted to me by my soon to be Aunt Cate- love it!!)Photo 9

Photo 11 Thanks again to my awesome and sparkly cousin, Liz, for helping us out with this! She teaches reguarly at the EStudio in the new Vista Technology Park in Slingerlands–check it out!

Photo 10

Did you embark on a special fitness routine for your wedding or a wedding you were in? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling–