We're talking tuxedos today on the KOWE blog! Recently Nate and I had the pleasure of checking out Tuxego Formalwear in Latham. Our wedding is on the formal side and Nate really wanted to wear a classic tuxedo for the big day–and who am I to complain? I love a guy in formalwear! I most recently worked with Tuxego on October 2013 KOWE couple Rhiannon and Vinnny's wedding! I thought Vinny looked quite debonaire in his formalwear! 

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When we started to think about Nate's look for the wedding we knew we would go to Anthony Commisso, owner of Tuxego. Anthony is an all-around nice guy and knows his craft incrediby well. Not only is he aware of the latest trends in formalwear, he takes the time to listen to his clients and to really understand the look they're going for on their wedding day. And if a groom is unsure of his “wedding style” Anthony can suggest different looks and ideas until he's found a comfortable and stylish tux. It was important to Nate that he owns the tux he's getting married in (this works for Nate because he has plenty of occasions through they year to wear one and it was a good opportunity to update what he already has!) For other grooms it might be more practical to rent one.

Nate and I had a lot of fun hanging with Anthony and the Tuxego crew a few weekends ago. I thought wedding dress shopping was intense, but, boy–formalwear shopping for guys is equally intense! Nate even brought his “best lady”, his sister Norah, to assist! The biggest and most important thing for men's formalwear (and I guess this goes for the ladies, too) is fit and style. Peak, notch, shawl lapel? 120, 130 or 150 fabric? Bow or neck tie? Vest or cummberbun? Traditional Black or other colors? So many options and styles, this is why it pays to check out a locally owned, smaller formalwear shop because they have the time and resources to dedicate to your event. 

Anthony is no exception. Nate wanted a very specific tuxedo and if we had more time Anthony could have had it custom made. Instead he promised us he would track it down and he did.  In two days of our visit, Anthony called Nate with the good news that he found exactly what Nate wanted…Both Nate and Anthony are so happy!  Nate just needs to visit Tony the Tailor in Latham for a few minor touches but he's going to look so handsome- stay tuned for pics from our day!

With that, check out some of our photos from our afternoon at Tuxego. Thanks again to owner Anthony Commisso for your time and patience! 

Photo 3

Nate getting measured by Anthony…

Photo 4

Having some fun…um, no–he's NOT wearing that!

Photo 5

And I love this shot from Vinny and Rhiannon's big day! So great!

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Did your groom go with a tux or a suit for your wedding? What influenced your decision? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling–