I have a special blog post today for you from one of my best friends and one of my bridesmaids (aka “lifemaids”), Jillian. In keeping with last week's post about planning a bridal shower, I thought it would be cool to have Jillian talk about the process she and the ladies went through to make my bridal shower so incredibly awesome. Special shoutout to my friend, JP Elario, who came out to capture the shower!

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Now here's Jillian…

How do your shower someone who is so deserving of the most magical and sparkly day? And how do you pull off a shower for someone that plans beautiful events and executes them flawlessly?

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That was the big question that Kristen, Megan, Jenn, Nicki, Norah, Daniella, Lauren and I asked ourselves before we started planning Katie's bridal shower. I think there was definitely some pressure / anxiety surrounding the process and making sure that Katie's bridal shower was perfect. Nicki (fellow life / bridesmaid) had a few sleepless nights as the day of the shower closed in as I was still working on my last project (the favors), but I finished them and we did it! But now that the day is over, we're all asking ourselves – how / why did it go by so quickly?!?!?!

As life (brides)maids, we had a big job to do. And after some brainstorming, we were ready to take on the task–here's how we went about making Katie's day her most sparkle-filled yet…


Considerations for our bride, Ms. O'Malley:

1. The Venue. Katie wanted a comfortable, but fun and accessible spot. You may remember the blog post about The Point, but Katie wasn't kidding–she loves this place and it was perfect for a shower. The staff was helpful and they put on a kick-ass spread (three words: boneless moonshine wings). The Point also makes one of Katie's favorite drinks – Harvest Sangria.

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2. The Decor. The Point is a great space, but given our bride, we had to add some SPARKLE! We decided to recruit Maria from Party With Mia  to help us transform The Point with sparkly candles, amazing linens, a white setee for our bride to sit on while opening gifts, and so much more! The photos speak volumes–it was just perfect and Maria was so awesome to work with!

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3. The Details. In addition to awesome decor, it's important to have those little details that help tie everything together, so I called in the professionals again! This time Rebecca Ashby, designer and owner of The Pink Orange, and dear friend to Katie, was more than happy to provide her expertise. Not only did she help us with the invitations, she came through with all the finishing touches that created a cohesive aesthetic. From nail polish tags that read Love & Sparke 1.11.14, to the fun and playful signature drink station – everything was AMAZING and perfectly suited to Katie!!!

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4. Remembering the Day. JP from Elario Photography has been a part of some pretty amazing moments in Katie and Nate's courtship! From the actual engagement, to Katie's dream engagement shoot in Savannah, GA– we just had to ask if he'd help us out with some photos! And, of course, being the great guy that he is, he said YES (it helped that he didn't have a wedding that day)! Having Joe there to capture Katie's arrival, some candids of the guests and Katie, and, of course, the details that we knew Katie would love, was hands down one of the best decisions we made in the planning process.



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In closing, I can't begin to tell you how happy and amazing it felt to accomplish what we did together for Katie. The day went by so fast–I want to do it again! Also, I can't express enough that I couldn't have done this with any other group of girls. All of Katie's lifemaids play a different and unique role in Katie's life, but I think that really helped us come together and create the most magical day. Katie has brought some amazing women into my life, including herself, and I'm so thankful for that.



Back to Katie…

OK, well, now that I'm crying, I'm going to wrap this up quickly. I had such an amazing day and feel so very blessed–thank you to my lifemaids who helped make my bridal shower so incredible and to everyone who was there in person and in spirit.

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Keep sparkling–