Hi, blog friends! Can you believe how close we are to Christmas?! And less than three months to my wedding?! Eeek! Time is really flying. Well, as they say, into every life a little rain must fall. And it has been pouring. Recently I made a difficult decision regarding my bridal party…I've decided to break up with my flower girl. Let me tell you why.

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First and foremost, let me say that my flower girl is the sweetest and most lovable and adorable little girl. I love her; I really do. However, I also love her Mom and Dad and I want them to be able to enjoy our wedding. Now, as you can imagine, I have witnessed many weddings in my career…and kids are a wildcard. Especially wee, little ones. I have seen young kids do great in rehearsal and then absolutely lose it the day of the wedding; I've seen the opposite of that too. I've seen kids who refuse to walk down the aisle and kids who will not stop running up and down the aisle. Smiles, tears, tantrums, naps, and snacks–trust me; I have seen it all.

Saying all that, even though I LOVE her and I think she is so cute, I am honestly worried about her being off that day. Moreover, you know what; it is not that being “off” would be her fault at all. She's barely two and a half. In addition, at that age you cannot really count on or predict what a toddler's mood will be. Again, that is not her fault; she just happens to be young. She could be great, but there is a definite possibility that she'll have a melt down.  I don't want my dear friends (said flower girl's parents) to have to be distracted, (especially since her Mom is my MOH); I want them to relax and enjoy themselves, and not be stressed.

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Now, with that, I am without a flower girl. And that's OK. I have a great, trusted, reliable 5-year-old ring bearer (my awesome nephew) who I know will hold everything down on his own!

Did you make a command (some may say drastic) decision before your wedding? How did it affect your wedding? Would YOU break up with someone in your wedding party? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling–