Back in June I posted a bunch of my favorite Instagram photos from 2012 and early 2013…as the season went on I took a lot more photos. If you're a fan of Katie O' Events on Instagram or on Facebook, then you know I LOVE to take pictures during, before, and sometimes after an event…here's a look at some of my favorites from the rest of the 2013 season! Hope you like them!

Here I am at career day speaking to some middle school kids about my profession. I'm not gonna lie, it was a little intimidating speaking to them, but they were kind to me!

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Megan and Rob's Canfield Casino wedding was amazing!

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KOWE planned and executed an amazing graduation party for Nicole–she started at Syracuse University this fall! Go Orange!

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June at the National Museum of Dance…

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I snapped this sweet moment from Margot and Ben's rehearsal dinner…

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Loved this montage from Breanna and Chip's June wedding…so cute.

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Jp Elario and Al Woodard capture the magic in the Stockade District.

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Just a quick stop for a pint with the bridal party…NBD.

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Thankfully, there were no calls to Engine 4 while we were shooting there. Nothing but love for Troy!

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Ahh, the bus! Julia and Jon had the best transportation of the season!

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Kat and Dan's downtown Albany wedding with the spires from the Cathedral in the background. Awesome.

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Jessica and Le-El skyped with a family member who was unable to attend their wedding during the reception. Amazing!

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A sparkly send off (is there really any other kind?) for Alaina and Jared!

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A full wedding weekend for Jess and Nitin at the Hall of Springs!

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JP Elario snaps away from above…

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Nothing but love for my Red Sox! The NY Players know what's up!

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Getting into the spirit at Rhiannon and Vinny's Halloween wedding!

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Just a little planning for that special event coming up in THREE months! Eeeek! (and yay!)

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Last, some tasty and sparkly cupcakes from our friends at Coccadots!

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2013–that's a wrap! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my point-of-view photos (never as good as the professional, but they're unique)! Do you Instagram?! Follow along with the fun– @katieoevents!

Keep sparkling–