Happy December, KOWE blog readers! Can you believe the holiday season is upon us so quickly?! Wow! Well, in an effort to slow things down a bit, I wanted to share with you a great vendor that will help you do just that; especially for your next big party or event!

I was able to chat a bit with Melissa Brown, owner of Styled By Melissa, to talk about her awesome company and unique services. Check out our Q&A below!

Katie O': So, Melissa, can you explain to Katie O' fans what an Event Stylist is / does?

Melissa: An event stylist is the key to ensuring all the visual aspects of your wedding / event tell the same story, your story. An event stylist will work with the wedding planner, florist, baker, event rentals, site coordinator, etc. to create one cohesive and stylish look. The event sylist can design tablescapes including settings, centerpieces, and favors, as well as photo-op areas, lounges, cocktail stations, dessert tables, tent decor and more. Stylists assist in creating and implementing unique and personal touches to your wedding day. Many times you will see the stylist will handmake many of the decor elements for that one-of-a-kind look. Whether you know what your individual style or theme for the wedding is, or if you need help narrowing it down, the designer can assist you in creating a thoughtful and personal experience for you and your guests.  

Katie O': Cool, so how is that different from a Wedding Planner?

Melissa: While there can be some overlap in duties (depending), an event stylist is there to handle the aesthetic and the execution of the design elements of your wedding or event. A wedding planner, as you know, is more hands on in the development of the day itself; guiding couples through the process of vendor selection, location selection, etc. and handling the action on the day of the wedding.  

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Katie O': Is it necessary to have both a stylist AND a planner?

Melissa: In a perfect world, I would say absolutely yes. An event stylist and a planner have two very different roles and will work side by side to ensure that every detail of the wedding is carried out to your specifications. Your stylist will work with you with all the visual aspects and finer details of your big day taking this pressure off you and your wedding planner so you, your family and friends, can enjoy the months leading up to your big day and your planner can focus on planning!  

As for the day of your wedding your event stylist will be in the ceremony and reception sites installing decor, coordinating placement of vendors items, and making sure all the visual aspects of the day are in place while your planner will oversee the moving parts of the event, from hair and makeup, being the point of contact for all vendors DJ/Band, photographer/videographer, site coordinator, cater, ect., so you can focus on you. The planner will also work behind the scenes throughout the event by lining everyone up and cue them down the aisle during the ceremony and assisting with introductions into the ballroom, and at the end of the night will even round up and transport all of your gifts and personal items.


Katie O': How would someone know if working with a Event Stylist right for them?

Melissa: Hiring a stylist is for couples who want highlight their story, throughout every aesthetic aspect of the wedding. They envision unique settings and creative touches throughout the event. If you are looking for new and exciting ways to incorporate your interests into the overall feel of your day then a stylist may be just what you're looking for to help you achieve that. We find creative and beautiful ways to implement very personal touches to express who they are and their love for each other.


Katie O: There are a lot of sources for inspiration out there for brides and grooms; blogs, magazines; Pinterest–why would someone need an Event Stylist?

Melissa: If you already have a Pinterest board set for your wedding then, congratulations, you have a fantastic start! Be careful though, sometimes there really can be too much of a good thing. As a bride, I’m sure that you are easily feeling overwhelmed by all the ideas, choices, and inspiration out there it’s hard at times to know where to start. A good stylist will help you to identify what elements are most important to you and will assist you in bring those to life. Keep in mind that Pinterest will not be there for you on the day of your wedding. Those beautiful elements will not set themselves up and will not talk to the other vendors to make sure they coordinate perfectly. It takes time and effort to design, create, and implement a beautifully styled event that still reflects your personality. The months and weeks leading up to a wedding should be fun and enjoyable for you, your family, and your friends. hIn my opinion, having someone you can trust behind the scenes to take care of those things can be invaluable.

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Katie O': All of this sounds amazing, but I'm sure my readers are wondering if they can afford an Event Stylist?

Melissa: Most stylists create personalized proposals for just what you need assistance with so it can actually be less expensive that you think.  They also work with many different vendors and like a planner can help you get better rates on some things. Many times when tackling your own DIY elements you can actually overspend by quite a bit if the tasks are new to you. Hiring a stylist can help save costs on so many elements by suggesting different ideas to fit into your budget that you may not have even thought of. Make an appointment to meet with one before you make that decision.  


Thanks so much to Melissa Brown of Styled By Melissa for taking the time to chat with me! Please check out her website for more information! Would you consider hiring an event stylist for your wedding or event? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling–