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Katie O' Gets Married: Why I'm Breaking Up with my Flower Girl

Hi, blog friends! Can you believe how close we are to Christmas?! And less than three months to my wedding?! Eeek! Time is really flying. Well, as they say, into every life a little rain must fall. And it has been pouring. Recently I made a difficult decision regarding my bridal party…I've decided to break up with my flower girl. Let me tell you why.

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First and foremost, let me say that my flower girl is the sweetest and most lovable and adorable little girl. I love her; I really do. However, I also love her Mom and Dad and I want them to be able to enjoy our wedding. Now, as you can imagine, I have witnessed many weddings in my career…and kids are a wildcard. Especially wee, little ones. I have seen young kids do great in rehearsal and then absolutely lose it the day of the wedding; I've seen the opposite of that too. I've seen kids who refuse to walk down the aisle and kids who will not stop running up and down the aisle. Smiles, tears, tantrums, naps, and snacks–trust me; I have seen it all.

Saying all that, even though I LOVE her and I think she is so cute, I am honestly worried about her being off that day. Moreover, you know what; it is not that being “off” would be her fault at all. She's barely two and a half. In addition, at that age you cannot really count on or predict what a toddler's mood will be. Again, that is not her fault; she just happens to be young. She could be great, but there is a definite possibility that she'll have a melt down.  I don't want my dear friends (said flower girl's parents) to have to be distracted, (especially since her Mom is my MOH); I want them to relax and enjoy themselves, and not be stressed.

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Now, with that, I am without a flower girl. And that's OK. I have a great, trusted, reliable 5-year-old ring bearer (my awesome nephew) who I know will hold everything down on his own!

Did you make a command (some may say drastic) decision before your wedding? How did it affect your wedding? Would YOU break up with someone in your wedding party? Let me know in the comments!

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Perfect Thank You Gifts for the Parents of the Bride and Groom

In all of the planning and meetings and general hustle and bustle associated with a wedding, sometimes it is easy to overlook some important folks…the parents! Here are some great gift ideas for the parents of the bride and groom!

We know that most parents tend to put the needs of their children above their own…even if their kids are all grown up. So why not thank your parents for all of their dedication, love, and support during the wedding planning process with a nice getaway for two. Now, this does not have to be a second honeymoon, but maybe a few days away in a bed and breakfast or inn. This website is a great resource for finding BnB's throughout the US, or your can get them a gift card and they can choose the location!

Another great idea is a personalized wedding album just for your parents–you can even customize them for the bride's side and the groom's side of the family. It is not only a great gift, but helps share the memories of a wonderful day. Mpix and My Publisher are two great sites for photobooks.

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For the Moms, jewelry is always a nice wedding gift–a pair of earrings or a necklace to match her dress–is a great idea. In addition, whenever she wears these items later she will always think of your wedding.

For the Dads, customized cufflinks or a handkerchief like this one from Etsy with a note embroidered on it are sweet and personal mementos from your wedding day.

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This silver plated keepsake box from Pottery Barn is also a great idea for parents or grandparents to help memorialize the day. You could put your invitation, a snippet of your gown, or some flowers from your bouquet along with a photo. Very sweet.


Hope this gave you some ideas for gifts for the parents of the bride and groom! What did you get / what are you giving your parents for your wedding? Tell me more in the comments!

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Vendor Spotlight: Debbie Coye and Coccadotts

I have a sweet blog post for you guys today–literally! I wanted to take a minute to share some awesome wedding cakes from TWO Capital Region bakers–Debbie Coye and Coccadotts. Debbie Coye is an independent baker based in Saratoga Springs and focuses mainly on wedding cakes whereas Coccadotts is a large bake shop In Albany with a range of creative cupcake flavors and other baked goods available. They're both great options for you to consider for your wedding or event. Check out some of their tasty creations below!

First up–September 2010 KOWE couple Melissa and Jerome's green wedding cake. Melissa designed their wedding “logo” and Debbie even incorporated it into her cake design. Awesome, right? Melissajerome 1239 Edit

Next, in addition to cakes, Coccadotts has a cupcake truck that is available for your wedding or event! How fun and cool is that?

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Last, another gorgeous Debbie Coye creation from Elizabeth and Aaron's Saratoga wedding. I love the detail.

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I prefer cake that tastes as wonderful as it looks and these two bakers definitely fit the bill! What do you look for in a wedding cake? Did you choose a cake or an alternative dessert option? Let me know in the comments!

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Katie's Instagram Favorites, Part 2!

Back in June I posted a bunch of my favorite Instagram photos from 2012 and early 2013…as the season went on I took a lot more photos. If you're a fan of Katie O' Events on Instagram or on Facebook, then you know I LOVE to take pictures during, before, and sometimes after an event…here's a look at some of my favorites from the rest of the 2013 season! Hope you like them!

Here I am at career day speaking to some middle school kids about my profession. I'm not gonna lie, it was a little intimidating speaking to them, but they were kind to me!

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Megan and Rob's Canfield Casino wedding was amazing!

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KOWE planned and executed an amazing graduation party for Nicole–she started at Syracuse University this fall! Go Orange!

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June at the National Museum of Dance…

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I snapped this sweet moment from Margot and Ben's rehearsal dinner…

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Loved this montage from Breanna and Chip's June wedding…so cute.

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Jp Elario and Al Woodard capture the magic in the Stockade District.

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Just a quick stop for a pint with the bridal party…NBD.

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Thankfully, there were no calls to Engine 4 while we were shooting there. Nothing but love for Troy!

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Ahh, the bus! Julia and Jon had the best transportation of the season!

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Kat and Dan's downtown Albany wedding with the spires from the Cathedral in the background. Awesome.

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Jessica and Le-El skyped with a family member who was unable to attend their wedding during the reception. Amazing!

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A sparkly send off (is there really any other kind?) for Alaina and Jared!

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A full wedding weekend for Jess and Nitin at the Hall of Springs!

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JP Elario snaps away from above…

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Nothing but love for my Red Sox! The NY Players know what's up!

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Getting into the spirit at Rhiannon and Vinny's Halloween wedding!

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Just a little planning for that special event coming up in THREE months! Eeeek! (and yay!)

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Last, some tasty and sparkly cupcakes from our friends at Coccadots!

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2013–that's a wrap! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my point-of-view photos (never as good as the professional, but they're unique)! Do you Instagram?! Follow along with the fun– @katieoevents!

Keep sparkling–