It's hard to believe another wedding season is winding down. In fact, the KOWE crew is working a wedding today and then just a few more events to close out 2013. I can't believe it–this year flew by!

Our friends at Elario Photography put together their annual “Behind the Scenes” blog this week and we picked out a few of our favorites. We worked with these guys (and gals) a lot this season–11 weddings total–and we couldn't be happier about it. They're always professional, fun, and create amazing images for our clients. Katie O' Weddings and Events is truly thankful to work with Joe, JP, Hayden, Jenny, and Jaime as much as we do. Check out our favorites below!

Sometimes you need to be creative when you're transporting photobooth props! Ole!

Bts2013 005

Back in April, JP and I take Washington Ave in Albany by storm…we sort of look like Laverne and Shirley, no?Bts2013 009

I LOVE watching my clients being photographed (though I sort of look like I'm trying to get a baby to smile here); I'm so excited because I know their photos will be nothing short of amazing. Also, can we talk about JP's jazzy socks?!

Bts2013 008

Up in Saratoga for Megan and Rob's wedding…this was the beginning of the rainy season. We're about to head down the aisle and everything is A-OK!

Bts2013 015

And here's that rain…trying to protect Megan's gorgeous hair, makeup, and dress!

Bts2013 019

In June we headed downstate for Erin and Tim's Westchester wedding. It was pouring and we were all a little on edge–whoa, Hayden!  Bts2013 046

The rain was insane that day! Here's Kelly (aka Frenchie) helping to block the rain. And smiling through it all because she's awesome. We miss you, Frenchie!

Bts2013 048

Here I am maintaining the integrity of the gown while JP shoots away…and how awesome is the result?!

Bts2013 049

That wild rain again. Seriously, I should invest in an umbrella company! This was the wedding where we learned to bring a back up set of clothes because Kelly and I were drenched!

Bts2013 050

Ahh, the sun is shining in Schenectady for Hilary and her girls!

Bts2013 058

Checking the weather compulsively because we know it's about to rain…

Bts2013 065

Caution: Bride Crossing! Saratoga Spa State Park should invest in those signs!

Bts2013 068

Strolling on the Empire State Plaza in July with Kat and Dan…

Bts2013 073

Shaking hands with yet another chair. JP is ALWAYS asking me to go grab a chair for him…so demanding! Hah!

Bts2013 076

And hanging in the graveyard for Rhiannon and Vinny's Halloween wedding!

Bts2013 133

So there you have some of my favorite shots from our Elario / KOWE weddings this season! It's always so much fun to go back and look through images and remember each wedding…they're all so similar, yet vastly different. It never ceases to amaze me!

Keep sparkling–