Before I was engaged I always thought I would have a minimal bridal party…as in, just my sister and best friend by my side. But as time went on and I actually became engaged I started to reassess the situation (I'm a big believer in not really making decisions until you're actually in the position to make them).

For our wedding, I've asked five ladies to stand by my side and help me with all things wedding related. Truth be told, I could have asked so many people; I consider myself so very fortunate to have so many amazing friends. But the five women I chose all represent something different and have their own brand of sparkle that I felt best suited them for the job.

For my matrons of honor, I've asked my sister, Kristen, and dear friend, Jenn. For all of my 'maids I found these amazing cards from my sparkly friend, Rebecca Ashby, of The Pink Orange. They are the best card to ask someone to do me the honor of being a bridesmaid–perfect, right?

Photo 11  

Actually, I want to talk a little bit about the term “bridesmaid.” For me and my ladies, the term “lifemaids” actually is more apropos. Why? Well, these women have seen me through thick and thin, business, personal, and otherwise–they're not just there for the wedding, they're here for the long haul. And, thus, the term “lifemaid” was coined. Should I trademark it?! Hah.

In addition to the amazing cards from The Pink Orange, I found these super sparkly earrings from Lola Accessory Boutique in Saratoga Springs. Aren't they so awesome?

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But for my other three “lifemaids” I decided to throw them a curveball…I actually sneaked the question into a wedding rehearsal. Now, before you start questioning my professionalism, the rehearsal was all over and as we were leaving the rehearsal I gave Jillian and Megan a “revised” timeline for the ceremony the next day and at the end…well, see below! They were so surprised! I did the same for Nicki, too–just at a different event!


It was a lot of fun and I packed gift bags for everyone that had some bubbly and we drank a bit in the car afterwards (we had a ride–ahem–Nate–not to worry!) with fun striped straws in KOWE green also available from The Pink Orange.



So that's the story! Not so great iPhone photos, but, hey, we were in the moment! Also, today we found the bridesmaids dresses at Fancy Schmancy…but that's for another post!

One fun and related sidenote, if you're looking to check out either The Pink Orange or Lola Accessory Boutique, be sure to stop by Girls Night Out at Lola on Thursday, November 21st from 5pm-8pm. New items will be featured and you can enter for a chance to have your holiday party styled by The Pink Orange & Lola Accessory Boutique!

The lucky winner will receive jewelry for their holiday party from Lola and have their party designed by The Pink Orange! For every $20 you spend, your name will be entered into a drawing for the chance to be our grand prize winner.

Erin Marzilli will also be on hand giving mini-makeovers to attendees! Stop by to shop, mingle and eat sweet treats by Bake For You while sipping some signature cocktails AND getting a jump on your holiday shopping!

Did you do something special to ask your bridal party to join you on your wedding day? Let me know in the comments.

Keep sparkling–